Career Decision! 3 Steps You Can Take!

All of us are faced with career decisions at various points in life, be it as early as finishing high school or as late as in your fifties but one thing always remains consistent, the career decision is tough at every point.

When you are just starting out, you are young and vulnerable to all the nice things that come with any job - mostly money but over a period of time, you realize that it is important to be in a place that values your skills and promises you professional growth. If you want to avoid feeling lost, it is better to make a well thought out decision in the beginning. Remember that early career decisions will influence the kind of jobs you take for the rest of your life.

1) At this stage, either you can seek the help of a professional career counselor available at school or use an online career finder test, which are not going to be as detailed as a counselor's advice.

2) Once you get a list of career decisions, research more about them online or by getting a bit of personal advice from someone in that field. When you have done this, you would have only one or two choices remaining - now it is time to train yourself for this career. Think about the educational qualifications you require, the extra training you need to invest in and how you are going to take care of the financial cost of education and skill enhancement. A lot of free resources exist on the web but never undermine the importance of quality education. This scenario is the easiest to deal with when it comes to making a career decision because you have no substantial history of previous employment but what happens when you come to a point in your thirties when you decide to shift careers?

3) The need for a career decision in your thirties or forties arises because of the constant work stress, which a lot of people find difficult to deal with. While your approach for finding an alternative career should ideally be the same as mentioned above, you must realize that completely changing professions may not be a viable option. Instead, a lot of people are turning to online home based businesses. These businesses vary a lot because of the existence of a large number of opportunities so having a successful business can take a lot of time and effort. At the end, your will to do something meaningful with your life should factor in the viability of the career and also if you can be successful at it. For example, affiliate marketing is great for people who want to have a residual income through a home based business but it is not for everyone.

Ultimately, a career decision involves a lot of thinking and can be stressful to say the least. Just like a high school student has the option of seeking help from someone who has managed to build a successful career in a field you are interested in, you have the same option too! Remember how so many universities have mentoring programs and how helpful they are? Applying it to your regular life will help you receive a Pandora 's Box of useful information.

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God Bless,

Grant O'Kane