Career Change and Your Personal Core Values

Making a career change without much thought is a risk. Not knowing yourself very well before making a career change is a much greater risk. People who plunge into a career change without really assessing their personal core values can turn an anticipated successful new career to a big failure.

Knowing your personal values is very important in making a successful career change. Conflicts between one's personal values and decisions pertaining to work may lead to dissatisfaction and failure. It is therefore important to really know yourself well and the clearest, least emotive way to do this is through a personal values assessment.

Your core values are those that are fundamental to you. They underlie your decisions and actions even though you may not be aware of it, and the same values have been influencing your decisions, reactions and interactions all of your life. If you have a better understanding of yourself and your values, deciding on a career change becomes much easier. Your personal hard-wired self is far deeper than the personality that you display to the world. If you understand your own driving forces you can feel much more confident that any career choice you make will be try to who you are.

The Core Values Index is not the same as a personality assessment test. It assesses the underlying core of who you are, and that barely changes throughout your life. Taking a Core Values Index assessment, then following that up with a session with a trained CVI coach, can take your understanding of yourself and the sort of work that will suit you to a very deep level. You will be guided through the process of self realisation for a powerful career change.

The Core Values Index is a great human assessment tool which is proven to provide an accurate picture of a person's innate, unchanging nature. Unlike other personality tests, the CVI provides a 94 percent repeat-score reliability. It examines a person's innate preference instead of just his capabilities. The CVI is helpful in understanding what will give a worker fulfilment in the work he does instead of merely knowing his capabilities in doing a specific job.

By realising your core values, you will be able to understand your core motivational drivers and therefore make better career choices. It is quick and easy and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Contact Clarity Career Management today to learn how you can benefit from the Core Values Index. Jenni Proctor is a career strategist and coach. Clarity Career Management offers career management services to individuals, business and Educational Leaders. Visit us today to request our 7 day Refresh Your Career video series.