The Best Top Jobs of the Future

If you are planning on going to school to learn skills for a job, you should be aware of the employment prospects for the future. Certain jobs will be hotter than others in the future and others will become obsolete. As more people continue to work online and companies are restructuring to allow employees to work at home, jobs are restructuring themselves. Some of the top jobs of the future according to job network gurus include the following jobs:

Health Care

The health care industry is one area that is not going away - ever. As long as people continue to live, there will be a need for employment in the health care industry. This is actually a field that has continued to expand over the past few years and is en route to expand even further. No longer is the health care industry comprised of just doctors and nurses - it is an assorted team of people who are all striving to work to make others healthier. You do not have to go to years of school for many of the jobs that are available in the health care industry that pay a good salary, either. Many of them require just a two year education and training before you can begin. The health care industry is one of the safest industries to work in. The salaries are very stable and the employment opportunities are always rising.

Technical Support

Those who say that technical employment is on a decline are incorrect. We are in the middle of a technological revolution and the demand for technical jobs, especially those in technical support, is on the rise. Like some of the jobs in the heath care industry, the technical industry does not require an extensive education. This is an industry that relies more on skills than degrees and offers great salary opportunities. If you are interested in technology, consider jobs in the technical support field. You can land a job that pays well by going to school at night or online in this field.

Service Industry

The service industry, like the health care industry, is one that is not going away anytime soon. Employment opportunities for this industry are vast and include direct or indirect service of customers and clients. Services such as hair care, spa services, massage therapy, janitorial and custodial services are not going to go away. These are jobs that require very little education, although you do need a license to work on hair in most states and also in massage therapy. These licenses can be obtained after less than a year of school. Computer technology cannot replace these services and people will continue to want to look and feel good, no matter what the employment climate.

Take a look on a job network site to see about employment predictions and salaries for certain types of jobs. Right now, the employment market is hot for jobs that are more oriented towards skills and service rather than careers in the business sector.

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