3 Steps to Career Success

Are you wondering how to achieve career success? Wondering why some of your coworkers are very successful while others are not? Do you want to know how you can be more successful? Well here are 3 steps to career success.

1. Get a mentor: 

The very first thing you should do at any company is to get a mentor. This is the person that will help you understand how to navigate around the company. He or she should be somebody that is several levels above you. This mentor will help you understand what you are doing wrong and will also help you learn what skills you should improve. The mentor should not be your boss unless you and your boss really get along. Instead you should look for somebody else to mentor you. Your boss is too close to the work you do. Somebody else can give you a new perspective as well as great feedback without having any expectations of you as an employee.

2. Learn corporate values: 

One thing you should quickly learn are the corporate values of your company. Usually these are printed and given out to all new employees. Understanding what the company values will help you understand how you can move up. This is because those that love up the corporate ladder are usually those that can embody the corporate values. For example, if the company really values the community, you will understand that you should also participate in doing things for the community. Or, if your company really values new ideas, then you should focus your time on generating new projects and creating new things that could contribute to your company's bottom line.

3. Know and understand the company's financials: 

This is something tricky for most people however if you know there's you will better understand the direction the company is going. Take a look at the company's financials. If it is a public company you can find it on any company's website. If it is a private company you may want to take friends with those in the finance department. Once you have the company's financials take a look to see which departments are outperforming in which departments are under-performing. This will help you understand the departments that you should join and those that are very important to the company. Knowing this will help you realize what to focus on. Spending all of your time on things that the company is not making any money on will not increase your professional success. Spending more time on the things that generate revenue for the company will help to improve your reputation as somebody who is valuable to the company. Those that move up are always people that the company thinks can generate money to their bottom line.

These three key steps to achieving success will help you at any company. Learn some and try to follow them as closely as possible and you may find that you too can move up the corporate ladder.

Tricia Smart is an expert life coach who serves as an image consultant, career coach, and business coach to many high profile CEO's, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. She specializes in helping her clients work smarter, look fabulous, think rich and be happy. She shares her tips on professional success at the site SavvyLifeCoach.com.