Stress And Anxiety In The Workplace

Stress as a part of life and any job job we may pursue cannot be avoided. Without pressure, targets will not be meet, deadlines will be passed with incomplete projects, one is pushed to strive and achieve required targets as required by the job description. It is linked to the anticipation of meeting targets thereby motivating people and keeping the job interesting, and satisfying as people are allowed to develop and improve their skills and knowledge on the job. If these targets are met in small stages the work place will be an exciting and interesting place. If not, its levels may get out of hand and result in anxiety and fear as one will develop fears relating to their job security and performance. If left unchanged productivity will drop.

What To Look Out For In The Workplace

It usually can be found at different levels, usually from normal to excessive. Excessive can be visibly seen through physical and emotional reactions that can be destructive to both employees and business alike.

There are jobs where individuals are expected to work under very stressful situations, examples are project managers, unit managers, police and persons in the armed forces. Even child care, social workers, jail wardens, down to otherwise simple looking occupations such as sales and marketing are all stressful. Most of the above and more can be noted to demand a high level of responsibility for other persons whether minors or other adults found in their supervision.

An unsupportive work environment not only adds more pressure on an individual, it demotivates and isolates an individual. This may occur as a result of poor support, communication, structure and organization of the work place.

Sudden change in the way the business is running can also lead to an increase level of tension or stress that can build up into anxiety if employers do not inform employees of changes made and who would be affected and to what degree. These changes include redundancies announced, business take over, upgrade of technologies, lack of promotion or recognition at key points of the employment within the company.

Work load, lack of promotion, poor pay, wage deductions, unreasonable demands, lengthy working hours may be another issues that could promote unrest in the work place.

A lack of proper facilities including air conditioning and ventilation, poor lighting, break down of a main lift, all can contribute to the deterioration of the work atmosphere and work space reducing moral and pleasure of the job at hand at the place of work.

Lack of support or guidance from superiors, poor performance, harassment, unfair competition, office politics, or even bullying by co-workers are all examples of what can lead up to stress and anxiety in the work space.

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