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During these challenging economic times it is easy to lose sight of goals and objectives - family, professional, financial and others. Now is actually the best time to review and refine your objectives. While many others talk on and on about family, financial and personal success, it is appropriate that professional success not get lost in the mix. By asking yourself the following questions, you can better define your formula for professional success and establish metrics for tracking your performance over time.


Who are you working for? A Fortune 500 company. A mid-sized company. A small company. Yourself? The government? A non-profit? Another type or company or organization? Close your eyes. Who do you see yourself working for? What gets you really excited? Believe it or not you CAN work for that company or organization. Or start it. Do not get caught in the trap of "at least I have a job..." It is a trap.


Regardless of what you studies in high school, college or graduate school - what is your "job function" today? Is it what you studied and trained to do? Do you love it? Are you passionate about it? Do you get up every day excited about getting to work and performing your job? If not, think about what you would really love to do. Would it require additional education? Additional training? Can you gain those skills and credentials at night or on weekends? If so, start today. If you do what you are truly passionate about you will wake up each morning excited about the day ahead of you.


Next week. Next month. Next year. In five years. When the kids are grown. When I retire. And on and on and on. If you do not love, yes - love, what you are doing you need to take steps TODAY to follow that passion. It is said there is no time like the present. That is true.


So you were raised in XYZ city or town. Do you need to live the rest of your life there? Do you want to live the rest of your life there? You were transferred to ZYX city or town. Do you love it there? Do you love the people? The life style? The climate? The architecture? The culture and activities? If not, you need to think long and hard about where you want to be - and why. Then use the many resources at your finger tips (the internet, your network, etc.) to learn all you can about the city or town and look into what living there would really be like. You would be surprised how this can open doors.


Why are you working so hard at your current occupation? For money? For love of the job or profession? For your family? Because something is missing in your life. Sit down with a piece of paper and write down ten reasons why you are doing what you are currently doing. Then review the list asking yourself how these help you attain your personal goals, your financial goal and your professional goals. You will be surprised.


Make a list with the information identified in the steps outlined above. Post the list on your bathroom mirror. Or on the refrigerator. Or next to your computer screen. Someplace where you will look at it every single day. Out line goals related to each item on your list by week, month and year. Start to track them. You will be amazed at how being specific drive real change in your life. Start today!

George F. Franks, III is the President of Franks Consulting Group, a Bethesda, Maryland management consulting and leadership coaching practice. George has over twenty-five years of experience working with companies of all sizes plus not-for-profit organizations and individual leaders. He is a member of many professional and non-profit organizations.

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