The Most Popular Job Roles in IT

Technology is growing and with that so are job opportunities in the IT field. It is said that some of the most popular jobs in 2015 haven't even been created yet. As technology advances, developers and people to support that technology are needed. These jobs often pay well and require training in the technology that you will be working in. Sometimes these IT jobs require a degree, although in many cases experience and showing that you can do the job will get you hired. Let's take a look at some of the most popular job roles that are currently in the IT field.

Computer Support - Helping Others With Technology

One of the most popular job roles in the IT field right now is that of support. This can be something as simple as support for simple programs to support for a whole operating system. The job of support helps the end user understand the technology and apply its use as intended. A person working in IT support can help customers as well as employees that are having trouble with a particular technology. For instance, if a computer crashes the user will often call on some kind of support to resolve the problem. The individual whose job it is to provide this support will work with the person until a solution is found.

Computer Programmer - The Art of Writing Code

Another job role in the IT field right now is that of programmer. Programmers write the code for anything from websites to operating systems. All the latest and cool applications for cellular phones are created by programmers. Video games are created by programmers. Programmers can write in a variety of programming languages such as C+ and java script. Each language is used to communicate a specific set of instruction to the computer or electronic device. Programmers can learn how to program in school or can be self-taught. Computer programmers can often telecommute for their job roles. There are times when this job requires a person to go over code line by line to find a bug in the program. A bug in a program can cause the program to not function properly.

Network Administrator - Maintaining the Computer Network

Another job role is network administrator. A network administrator helps build and maintain a computer network. Computer networks are important to businesses and if they go down, valuable time and money can be lost. Network administrators are responsible for building and securing the network. They keep the information flowing and make sure that firewalls are up and only the people that should be on the network are on the network. This job role requires a person to keep up with the latest networking technology and protocols.

These are the most popular job roles in IT. Choosing one of these means that a person will surely have the marketable job skills they need to get hired in the field.

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