How to Get Career Help Online

In the old days, people would peruse the classified ads of the paper each morning, looking for some kind of job opportunity that could help them. Thankfully, times have changed and the internet has made it a lot easier to get career help, no matter where you are in your career or even if you haven't started one yet. The important thing to know is just where to go to find the help that you need.

Career Blogs for Career Help

One of the most unique places to look for work or information on how to make a career change is to go looking through some of the career blogs that you will find online. These are often written by people just like yourself who have found themselves unexpectedly looking for work, and they can be full of tips on how to network with other people and find jobs that might not be advertised in the mainstream media.

Online Job Listings

Because the price of advertising in a newspapers is relatively expensive in comparison to advertising online, most companies are choosing to advertise either through services such as Craigslist (which can either be free or paid depending on the market you are living in), or other online job listing agencies. There are also websites that are able to consolidate all of those listings so that you will have access to them without having to go to dozens of different websites.

Start Your Own Blog

One way that you can get career help is by establishing yourself as an expert in your field and starting your own blog. If you have experience in any field, there will always be people out there who are willing to read what you have to say and you might even find that there are also people out there who are willing to hire you based on what you write.

If you don't feel that you have enough to write about on a regular basis, then you may also want to approach existing blog owners and ask if they would be willing to use your services as a guest blogger. This is usually an unpaid position, but it is enough to get your name and your credentials out into the blogosphere, which may serve you in the long run as a means of career help.

Re-Evaluate Your Resume

One thing that can help every job seeker with career help is to take a look at their resume. Especially at the rate at which technology is changing, a skill that might have looked awesome on your resume a year ago may be commonplace this year, so make sure that you always keep your resume fresh. There are some very good websites online that will show you what skills are currently in demand, and they will even show you examples of both good resumes and bad ones.

By making sure that your resume truly reflects your skills and history as well as the type of career that you are looking for, you should have no trouble finding a job, even in this economy.

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