Handle the Stresses of Being a Nurse

Being in a health care industry can be very demanding, even if you're working as a nurse. You are responsible for somebody else's health. You have to keep up with the pressure coming from your job and from other professionals around you, such as the doctors. You may be asked at shifting schedules, which can definitely disrupt your daily activities.

It is very important for nurses to learn how to manage stress more effectively:

1. Eliminate alcohol.

If you love to drink alcohol, then it's time to quit on it right now. Alcohol lowers your inhibition, but it also reduces your rational thinking. That could be dangerous since you'll be faced with plenty of significant decisions every day. Moreover, the feeling of hangover can last for a day, and it prevents you from doing your job efficiently.

2. Quit smoking.

Never smoke when you're in a health care facility, as it can be passed on to others, especially to non-smokers. Second-hand smoking is just as deadly as any regular smoking. Also it makes you more prone to illnesses, which still prevent you from performing well. Besides, as a nurse, you should be a good example to your patients. You cannot really encourage a healthy lifestyle if you smoke.

3. Get enough sleep.

As much as possible you should sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day. This way, you can give your body the right amount of rest it definitely deserves. By the time you wake up, you'll feel refreshed and ready to tackle your job. Anything less or more than your required number of sleep may not be healthy. You'll end up groggy or feeling exhausted.

4. Empathize but don't get too attached.

Since you're exposed to them all the time, it's not surprising to get too attached to some your patients. However, it's not really a good idea to do so. You can empathize, but always maintain some distance with them. First, you don't want to compromise your job by being prejudiced or biased. Second, you want to reduce your emotional stress.

5. Give yourself a break.

Health care facilities offer holiday leaves to their workers, including nurses. You should take advantage of them. A trip to your favorite holiday spot is a welcome respite. You can get away from the things that are causing you a lot of stress. It also gives you a different perspective about life.

6. Meditate.

Meditation can help you a great deal in coping with stress. What's more, you can do it even when you're working. It doesn't require a lot of your time. As short as fifteen minutes will already be enough.

When you're meditating, you're clearing your mind from negative thoughts and other clutter that can impede your judgment. It also brings you back to the present, so you don't worry too much about the future or the past. Healthwise, it increases your immunity.

Along with meditation, you can use subliminal messages. The affirmations can be used to alter your negative thinking to positive thoughts.

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