Finding Job Satisfaction - 3 Strategies

Legendary life-work planner, Richard Bolles, states 85% of all successful job search candidates land a job by finding the best fit doing a life directed search. This means they perform a search based on their skills, talents, knowledge and expertise and find an industry that needs them. But finding a job does not guarantee job satisfaction. To land a job and be satisfied, begin with evaluating your views and values. What is your approach to work? What are you looking for in a job? Do you see your job as a paycheck? Advancement? Prestige? Fulfilling your destiny?

Here's a 3 step process to identifying your work approach:
    1. A Career is largely viewed as a profession requiring special training. If you view work as a career you are satisfied with advancement, prestige and prominence. Even though money is important you are likely more interested in expanding your sphere of influence. If this is your work approach, make a list of what it will take to keep you visible for future promotion opportunities. Keep track of accomplishments, maintain a schedule of networking events and learn the art of self-promotion.
    2. Maybe you view your career as a Vocation. In this work approach you see your daily tasks as a strong inclination to follow a particular career. You recognize what your talents are and work hard to ensure you autograph your work with excellence. On a spiritual level you understand the WHY behind WHAT you do. If this is your approach to work and you are not doing work that you enjoy, this could be a source of major stress and discontent. Perform informational interviews and self assessments to discover which work brings you the most satisfaction. Work with a coach to help you find your profitable career path.
    3. Do you simply see your job as a means of paying the bills? Then your work approach is limited to financial rewards. A Job defined by is a specific task done as part of the routine of one's occupation or for an agreed price. If you are not earning enough for this job then you are likely to not be satisfied. You may sometimes feel like you are in a holding pattern until the next opportunity comes along. If you are trying to balance financial rewards with job satisfaction then choosing a career is your next step. Invest in yourself and take the time to find out what interests you, what you are suited to and get moving to the life you were meant to have.
With expert guidance you too can discover your perfect career and find job satisfaction. All three work approaches are important for job satisfaction. As of January 2010 45% of Americans were satisfied with their job. Staying true to your values and what's important to you will keep you on the path to having a satisfying career. Remember your view of your job determines the strategy you use to improve your satisfaction. Take bold steps to fix the problem.

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