Becoming a Certified Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are vital to the efficient performance of any medical office. They do everything from running the front office, to helping doctors with clinical procedures. The amount of responsibility given to a medical assistant will vary according to their degree of experience.

CMA training commonly takes 5 months to a year to finish and most schools issue a diploma or certificate upon completion. If you have a little more time on your hands you can receive your Associate's Degree which will take up to two years to complete the program. The more time you devote to your education the more prepared you will be.

So what are the majority of MAs trained to do in an office? And is it difficult to get trained as a medical assistant? We will consider those questions in the following article.

Typical Job Duties

Most CMAs work in the office of a physician. Ordinarily, they find work in medical offices of general practitioners.

Medical assistants work with the medical staff in many various ways. CMAs can work in an administrative and clinical capacity. Administrative duties could require scheduling appointments, signing patients in and handling basic billing issues.

Learning Special Skills

As a CMA you have the flexibility to work in all sorts of professions including podiatry and optometry. These are very specialized areas of medicine that necessitate specific skills. As an example, a podiatric CMA will need to take foot castings of patients and will need to be familiar with that part of the human anatomy.

If you work with an orthopedic physician you will need to be familiar with the knees and spinal cord, two areas that are susceptible to injuries. It also helps to be familiar with physical therapy techniques and common sports injuries. This knowledge will help you to assist your physician more thoroughly.

Extra Certifications

Fundamental medical assistant training will give you the skill sets that are required to work in an office. But if you're wanting a challenge, you should examine becoming certified in some specialized procedures. With further certification you can draw blood, monitor stress tests and take basic x-rays. Normally, these procedures require extra education. You could be asked to pass the AAMA exam. These additional skills will help you advance in your career and make a higher salary.

Training for Your Certification

So what should you think about before applying for a job as a heathcare assistant? You should enjoy working with people and possess a sympathetic and patient demeanor. It really helps to have an interest in the medical environment.

You likely already know that most employers only want to hire certified medical assistants. Before you can acquire your certification you will want to take a training course that can run between 6 months to a year.

Upon completion of your training it's time to take the AAMA exam. Once you pass the test you will take home your credentials as a CMA - a certified medical assistant. Now that you are certified your employer will feel more confident giving you extra tasks, and you may even get a pay hike!

A Career With a Bright Future

Yes, working as a medical assistant will certainly have it's challenges, but the rewards are wonderful. Both administrative and clinical MAs can expect to receive a great amount of challenge and reward in their arena of employment. Do not wait any longer - find a school near you and begin on your medical assistant certification soon!

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