5 Reasons to Choose a Career As a Nurse

Choosing Nursing as your profession is not a joke. Trust me, it isn't. But despite the complexities of being a nurse and the erratic duty schedules, with some erratic patients... the true essence of being a nurse is the satisfaction of being one. Its that.

Here are Five Reasons why you should choose to be a Nurse.

First, on the technical side of it, you can start your career in this profession by enrolling in an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) program for about two years. Being an LPN, you can actually function some basic functions of Nursing Care or more complex functions under the supervision of an RN (Registered Nurse). The basic requirement of an RN on the other hand is a bachelor's degree. Both requiring a licensure examination. Its the same as most professions out there, only with better pay.

Second, the pay is better than most jobs offered in your state. The salary of an LPN ranges from US$31,000.00 up to US$41,000.00 annually while an RN gets to check in US$55,000.00 up to US$90,000.00 yearly. It isn't fixed though because depending on your state and duty time, plus overtime. An NP (Nurse Practitioner - a nurse with advance degree and specialization which functions like a clinic doctor, can also prescribe medicine) averages US$70,000.00 - US$105,000.00. You earn this amount of money by doing what a nurse does - care.

Third, nurses are the first-hand carers of patients. You will have to function less like a doctor but more like a mother, a sibling in bedside, a father, and a friend only with awareness and conscious assessment of the patient's overall well-being. It may be challenging at first but with time, you will find this less exciting and do the tasks routinely-like with finesse. One ultimate satisfaction from being a nurse is being able to put a smile in the faces of your patients.

Fourth, in nursing, its likely to have that feeling of overwhelming care for patients. It wouldn't be very challenging because if you really have it in you, nursing a patient is no different from taking care of a loved one when they're sick at home. Of course there would be some situations that are not as perfect you thought them to be, but that's one side of nursing you got to love - adversity.

Fifth, finally, if you have plans on constantly advancing your career, you can do it in nursing. One unique trivia in nursing is that you can do a lot with it. You can branch out to almost anything you want to get to. And the world will always be needing nurses, people would get older, people would need help from the caring hands of a nurse, there will always be opportunity out there waiting for you.

The best thing in nursing is actually, really, it is the most humanistic profession on earth. Trust me.

The author is currently doing his nursing job while engaging himself in a business.

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