5 Keys to Maintain Your Work/Life Balance

Everyone wants to experience work/life balance. But between longer work weeks and increased demands at home, it often feels near-impossible to give ample time to all aspects of life. And when you feel out of balance, stress is the inevitable response.

To help keep your life in balance, following are 5 keys to keep in mind.

1. Believe in yourself.

Unfortunately, most people will do what they can to tear your dreams apart. Often, they don't do so intentionally - they're just looking out for your best interests (at least in their mind they are). So what seems like a completely logical idea to you may seem totally ridiculous to them, and they simply want to protect you from getting hurt. Other times they may be jealous of you. Whatever the reason, you need to stay away from those people and find others who will build you up and encourage you.

2. Have the courage to use positive self talk.

We all have a negative inner dialogue that takes place throughout the day: "I'm too fat." "I'm not smart enough." "No one likes me." The chatter is endless. Take note of how many negative things you say to yourself and others during the day. Then, change your negative statements to positive ones. "I have beautiful eyes." "I'm very skilled in math." "My co-worker appreciates my ideas." When you have positive messages in your brain, you're happier in general.

3. Do your personal best.

If you truly enjoy what you do, it will reflect in everything. You'll have more energy, more patience, and more will power to get the job done. And just because something may not turn out well, when you know that you did your personal best, your results won't drag you down. So give everything your best shot - it's a great way to help you stay balance and in control.

4. The magic within you is no hocus pocus. Set your goals and you'll create the focus.

Nothing happens by chance. You're the one who sets your goals and makes things happen. One reason why people feel a lack of balance is that they're not taking charge of their life. They're letting other people dictate their future. But when you take control and stay clear on your focus, you can create the life of your dreams.

5. Learn from your mistakes.

We all make mistakes. That's part of being human. So stop beating yourself up for every misstep. Use mistakes for what they really are - opportunities for learning and growth. Analyze your mistakes so you can determine what you should or should not do next time.

Maintaining work/life balance is possible. You simply have to make some small adjustments to your everyday behaviors and outlook. Review these 5 tips and share them with your colleagues and family members to help each other become more in control of life!

Joyce Weiss, M.A., CSP is a conflict resolution consultant and accountability coach who provides bold solutions to boost the bottom line® for individuals and teams. She is the author of Take The Ride of Your Life and Full Speed Ahead. Contact Joyce at 800.713.1926 or Joyce@JoyceWeiss.com. Resolve conflict and interpersonal issues by looking at video blogs and podcasts at http://JoyceWeiss.com. Joyce invites you to visit Joyce's Bold Solutions Newsletter to receive the Bold Solutions Ezine to improve your working condition.

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