You Can't Manage People If You Can't Manage Your Self

Key Point: Top Skill For Managing People -- A Developing Core Sense of Self

The Dali Lama has a very strong core sense of Self -- he should have, he's been working on it since he was 2 years old. He is arguably one of the most charismatic leaders in the world.

So too, with managers. When you work on developing a strong, authentic, healthy core sense of Self people will be attracted to you They will want to be lead by you.

85.6% of your managerial work is done.

The other 14.4% is simply process details that are easy to work on.

I think it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

People pick up on what's inside us as managers. If there's not much there you have to work really, really hard at influencing people.

When you have a solid sense of Self, people will be attracted to your magnetic personality. They will want to do their best for you.

Managers really think and act differently than line employees. Line employees often don't understand why managers do the things they do.

That's why a strong core sense of Self is so key. It helps people act with a "willing suspension of disbelief." They are more willing to take risks with those kinds of managers.

So how does a manager/supervisor leader build up her/his authentic, healthy Self?

First and Foremost: Take Care of Your Self
  • Resist the temptation to let clients, colleagues, friends and family control your daily priorities.
  • Take a little five-minute break twice a day - go for a walk.
  • Organize in your time, first.
Be Aware of How You Carry Your Body
  • Hang-dog gets as hang-dog does.
  • Assuming a strong, relaxed body posture will give you - and others - an energy boost.
Make Yourself a No Criticism Zone
  • Give corrective feedback.
  • Praising feedback
  • Inspirational feedback and...
  • Motivational feedback.
  • Spread those kinds of feedback like Johnny Appleseed.
  • Criticism is never constructive. Cut it out of your repertoire.
Be Positive When Its Called For.

Do Tough Love When Necessary.

Always Be Respectful of Others' Humanness.

Cut the Crap -- Be Real.

Infuse Everything You Do With Gratitude
  • Gratitude is "do-it-yourself-opening-heart-surgery."
  • At twilight and at dusk think of 10 things you're grateful for.
Let me know what other things you do to build your sense of Self.

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