Work Life Balance - Why It's Important

A good work life balance is often talked about but do you know why it's something to strive for? As a doctor, busy health professional or self employed business man or woman you should know:

  • That having a life outside as well as inside of work is vital for a fulfilling life. If all you do is work then however much your work interests you, to other people you will be a boring person.
  • What work-life balance means to you: you can define it as you wish but it's important that you are clear about what it is for you.
  • How to improve your work life balance once you know what it is for you
  • That it is vital to look after yourself so that you are better able to look after your patients, your clients, your colleagues and most of all your self.
  • That having a good work life balance includes:
  • Spending time with partner, family and friends: they might not want to stay around if all you do is work
  • Being involved in community activities so you can contribute to your community
  • Looking after your own body, mind and spiritual needs so you realise that you are important too
  • Working in a fulfilling and interesting profession so you keep your mind occupied with interesting projects
  • Having enough money so you are able to afford to do what you want to do
  • Enjoying life, having a laugh every day
Top benefits of having a good work-life balance are:

  • When you start to change one part of your life other parts change too
  • You have more time because you become more aware of finishing work on time
  • You stop procrastinating
  • You spend some time each day doing something for yourself
  • You get rid of things which drain energy
  • You enjoy more satisfactory relationships
  • You understand and create your boundaries
  • You look after yourself
  • You know what really matters in your life
  • You take action, instead of waiting for others
  • You are very clear about boundaries, particularly between work and leisure
  • You work hard, then are able to switch off and go home
  • You have an interest or hobby, creative or sports orientated You are an excellent time manager
  • You are clear about how to spend your day
  • You know what to do yourself and what to delegate
  • You do not waste time
  • You have excellent communication skills
  • You look after yourself physically and emotionally
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Susan Kersley is a retired doctor who became a Life Coach. She writes books and articles for doctors.

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