Want to Make Your Resume Recruiter Friendly? Read This

If you are a job seeker and in the middle of a job search, recruiters can either be your friends as well as your enemy. They have the power to actually keep you out of the hiring process or to introduce you to corporate hiring decision makers. In what way will the recruiter treat you in the job market is dependent on the quality of your resume. The quality plays a key role in determining how recruiters will treat you; hence, make sure your resume is recruiter friendly.

A typical recruiter friendly resume has three important elements, which includes the following:

· Focus

· Core competencies or transferable skills

· Accomplishments

If your resume lack in any of these essential elements, you may not be capturing the attention which you deserve, and you might be missing out on many important interview opportunities.

1. Focus

Recruiter's time is premium. For this reason, your resume should be able to tell your career focus to the recruiters within seconds of opening it. If you have not stated your career focus clearly, you should not assume that the reader will spend the time to search through your resume for clues. Most recruiters consider "Career Objective" statements to be worthless if they do not have any real information about the particular job position you are looking for and the expertise that you can offer. An ideal objective statement is concise and to the point.

2. Core competencies of transferable skills

Once the recruiter understands your focus, he or she will then want to know if you have the core competencies or transferable skills required to accomplish job. Your resume must feature a thorough research of employer job descriptions which will help you identify the core competencies.

You will be able to capture as well as hold the attention of the recruiter if you include only those core competencies which are related specifically to your focus. Make sure you do not muddy up your personal marketing message by including your extraneous skills. You should remember that all-important rule of relevancy, in order to go a long way toward keeping the attention of the reader on your key skills.

3. Accomplishments

After your resume has made it through the initial screening for focus and skills, then the recruiter would be interested to know how you compare against other candidates. Remember that recruiter receives record-high resumes which they have to respond to; hence, they are looking for good, solid reasons to recommend you for consideration over other numerous candidates. The best way to distinguish yourself from your competition is to have clear, concisely stated accomplishments.

Whether recruiters works for one corporation or represent many corporate clients as a third-party recruiting consultant, he or she should have valid reasons to promote you as a viable candidate. by including all the information they need in your resume, you can make their job a lot easier as well as bring your resume at the top of the candidate pile.

For best results, write your accomplishments that illustrate the strongest points of your core competencies, transferable skills and focus.

Most employers are relying on recruiters to screen out the applicant. For this reason, you have a better chance of beating your competition with a recruiter-friendly resume.

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