Top Qualities of an Exceptional Employee

There are many good employees out there. But sometimes good is not enough. And when you go out and look for exceptional talent and skill, you will be frustrated to discover that most of them already have jobs or that most people do not really measure up to your standards.

So what does it really take to be an exceptional employee? Below are the qualities you should look for in an employee and the tips on how to make finding them easier.

1. Knowledge, skill, and training

Of course, you would want to hire a competent employee who will contribute well to the progress of your company, someone who will be able to give creative inputs on projects and effective solutions to problems.

But unfortunately, great minds are quite hard to find. You would have to spend time in analyzing the applicant's resume carefully, calling up previous employers and giving out extensive examinations that will test the abilities and competencies of the applicant.

2. Good work ethics

Talent and skill are never enough. An exceptional employee should be someone who is honest and someone whom you can trust. This is especially true if you are looking for someone to take a very important position in the company or someone who will be delegated with important financial and confident matters.

An effective way of determining a person's work ethics is by doing an employment screening on a potential employee. This is to ensure that the person that you are hiring does not have any criminal records. It would be very hard to trust someone who has been involved with cases of fraud in the past.

3. Driven spirit and determination

A driven and determined employee is someone who is not contented with average work. He is the kind of person who always strives to achieve the best results in whatever kind of work he does.

You can never really tell whether a person has this quality by just looking at him. When interviewing an applicant, ask about his goals and how he plans to achieve them. Ask him about struggles and challenges he encountered in his previous work and how he overcome them. The way he answers these questions will give you an idea on the kind of attitude the applicant has towards work.

4. Out of the box creativity

An exceptional employee goes out of his way to exceed your expectations. This is the kind of person who would resort to unusual (but never illegal) means of giving out the best results he can possibly give.

During the interview, give your applicant hypothetical unusual office situations where he will be required to give inputs or suggestions. For example, ask him what he will do if he is locked up in the office building for one whole night. Again, the way he answers the questions will give you an idea if he can have creative, realistic and fresh inputs for the company.

Exceptional employees are not impossible to find. You just have to keep your eyes peeled and your radar open for people who possess the potential of being great employees.

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