Tips on How to Use LinkedIn Effectively For Your Job Search

Over the past few years, social networking sites have become one of the primary tools in connecting job seekers with prospective employers, and LinkedIn is currently one of the best and most popular sites for this purpose.

The first step to using LinkedIn successfully for your job search is to have a memorable profile. It must stand out and represent you as a top-notch candidate. Below details some of the basics of setting up and maintaining a profile that will differentiate you from other job seekers.

Setting up your profile completely

If you have decided to have a presence on LinkedIn, you need to fill out your profile completely. By only partially filling out your profile, you risk representing yourself as someone who only does things halfway, and this can be severely detrimental to your job search. You can have a short, succinct profile that is completely filled out. Be sure to take the time to complete all the categories.

Getting found

In order to increase your chances of finding positions through LinkedIn, it is important to create a profile that will enable you to be found. In your summary and descriptions, you should list your strengths and accomplishments, not just what you were responsible for in your past positions. In addition, use words that will pop up in the keyword searches that are being done by recruiters and HR representatives.

Building your network

The more people that you are connected with, the greater the chance you will come in contact with someone who can help you in your job search or hire you directly. You should develop a strategy to build your contacts regularly.

Posting a picture

Putting up a professional and clear picture of yourself serves to differentiate you from the multitude of faceless names on LinkedIn. Some people have casual pictures up, which are also fine, but steer clear of anything that might not represent you in a positive light. Save the beer drinking photos for other social sites.

Getting endorsed

What others say about you is very powerful, and by having a healthy list of endorsements, you drastically increase your marketability as a candidate. Utilize current and past colleagues, managers, clients, and even friends who can speak to your professional accomplishments to build this section of your profile.

LinkedIn has over 70 million users and recruiters are increasingly using this application as one of their de facto recruiting tools. Don't be left behind. By following the simple steps I have outlined, you will be positioned in line with the 21st century job seeker, and ready to secure your next position.

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