Registered Nurse Careers - 5 Must Have Qualities For Success

Being a registered nurse, is one of the noble professions, which allows a nurse to experience humanity from close quarters. They monitor the performance of a LPN, but most importantly they ensure that a patient's effort in battling an illness is smooth. To be successful in registered nurse careers, a RN should have the below mentioned qualities.

- Don't think too much about money, as it would come - With registered nurse careers, you would find that more qualified you are, the more you earn. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting the average salary of nurses to be in the range of $50,000-$55,000 and the top 20% of nurses earning much more, money is not a constraint at all.

- Learn and unlearn all the time - A RN would surely have been a LPN at some point of time. It is important that a RN, in addition to learning new things, also passes on the knowledge and valuable experience to a LPN. This will not only allow the RN to learn new things in her professional life, but it would also enrich the LPN with some pointers.

- The patient's stay in the hospital or the clinic has to be more than satisfactory - In a recent statistics released by a leading healthcare magazine, it was found that about 20% RNs did not pay attention to this goal. For a nurse to be successful in whatever role executed, it is important to think of the patient first. All else probably comes secondary.

- Willingness to work long hours - As a LPN, the nurse would have probably worked ten hours a day for 5 days a week. If the nurse wishes to be successful in registered nurse careers, she should be willing to put in the same amount of hours, even when she is a RN. A change in role only means added responsibilities, at least in the domain of nursing.

- Always think ahead - Thinking that a nurse could be a RN all her life is a classic recipient for failure. A RN should always think how much more she can learn. For example, if a nurse can study to become an Advanced Practice Nurse, she could handle even higher responsibilities and command a higher pay too.

Simply put, to be successful in registered nurse careers, RNs don't have to do a lot. Any nurse entering the domain of healthcare probably knows all of this by now. It is just time for some reinforcement.

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