The Pros and Cons of Nursing As a Career

Like any job, there are things about being a nurse that can make it a fun, rewarding, exciting career- and things that can make it a bad choice for some people.

Because of the fast paced, constantly changing nature of the job, nursing isn't a career that is right for everyone. However, for those people who have the patience and dedication that the job takes, helping patients live happier, healthier, disease-free lives can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

If you have ever considered becoming a nurse, one of the first things you need to do is to realistically weigh the pros and cons of a nursing career, and determine whether you are the right fit for this job.

The first thing that potential nurses should consider is whether their own strengths will become a "pro" or a "con" in a nursing career.
  • Nurses must be detail oriented, have strong writing and communication skills, and enjoy working with people.
  • Nurses also undergo a significant amount of stress, both physically and emotionally. Nurses are often required to be on their feet for eight to twelve hours, help lift and turn patients, as well as move and carry items, so being in fairly good physical shape is important.
  • Nurses work during all hours of the day or night, and it is likely that you will work evenings, weekends, holidays, or overnight, depending on where you are able to find work.
  • There is also a tremendous amount of emotional stress that a nurse undergoes, since he or she will work with people that are ill, distraught, or even aggressive, and a nurse will often see the more unpleasant side of humanity on a regular basis.
However, if you are the type of person who can balance work and home life without letting the bad parts of the job effect you too much, nursing may be a good career for you.

Other pros and cons of the nursing career include the perception of patients and the public.
  • Nursing is considered to be a caring profession, but patients may or may not be appreciative of the help you offer.
  • You will also likely work with a number of other medical professionals who will rely on you in varying capacities.
  • Being in a position to make a significant impact on the long term health of your patients is a serious responsibility, but you should also find joy from knowing that you have had a direct impact on the quality of life of patients.
There are other rewards for nurses, outside of personal satisfaction in their job.

Nursing is a career that you can practice anywhere. Nurses work in every part of the country, and the work environment can range from traditional locations like hospitals, doctors offices and nursing homes to jails and prisons, schools and even computer companies that develop software for the medical field.

Many nurses are paid very well, and the more education you receive, the higher your salary will be. The growing need for nurses shows no sign of declining in the near future, so finding a job will be easier than with many other professions.

The pro's and con's of a nursing career will depend on what you bring to the career and what you want to take away. If you want a career that is challenging on many levels and you are ready to work in a field that is constantly changing and evolving, nursing may be the right job for you!

Steven C. Brown is helping nursing students prepare for exams and tests. Read more about the TEAS test when applying for a nursing school.

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