LinkedIn Job Search Strategies to Help You Get Your Foot in THAT Door!

You may be in the market for a new job today because of a layoff, because you are looking for career advancement, or for any number of other reasons. Whatever your reasons are, you will find that social media sites are a great resources for you to put to use, and when you apply the right strategies to your employment of them, you will find that it is far easier for you to find a great new job to work in. Many people will begin using social media sites in their employment search by implementing certain LinkedIn job search strategies. LinkedIn is one of the few social media sites that caters to professionals.

Revamp Your Profile

As with most social media sites, this particular site allows you to design your own profile page. This is a page that lists your work experience, skills, previous employers, education stats, and more. A top LinkedIn job search strategy is to revamp this profile page, and this is key for two specific reasons. First, employers who you send your paper resume out to may search for you on this site. What will they find if they locate your profile right now? Another reason is because your contacts may be doing some recruiting on their own, and you want to position yourself in the best light if they do look at your profile.

Check Out Your Own Contacts

Many people have dozens and even hundreds of contacts they have established on their LinkedIn account. Some of these people may be those who you have a solid relationship with but perhaps who you have not thought about in recent months. A great LinkedIn job search strategy is to browse through your contacts, and pick out just a few people to strategically contact. Schedule a lunch or coffee break to reach out to them and let them know you are now available and looking for a new opportunity. Even if they do not have any opportunities in their own company, they may able to pass your name on to others who are hiring.

Visit Company Websites

Before you reach out and contact some of these professionals, however, you may want to employ another LinkedIn job search strategy. Most companies today will post job openings online, and so you can absolutely view these listings online, and perhaps even submit a resume for consideration for those positions beforehand. Then when you do meet with your contacts for lunch or coffee, you can mention that you have applied for a position. Depending on the relationship you have with a particular contact, you can ask for a recommendation to help you at least get an interview. In some cases, you may be able to get an extensive referral based on your professional experiences working with a contact.

Getting Started

These are just a few of the many LinkedIn job search strategies that you can put to use in your current hunt for a new employment opportunity. Spend some time today implementing these strategies and you may just find that you can get your foot in the door for a new position before you even begin to scour classified ads.

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