Job Search Game Plan - Ten Powerful Tips To Keep You Motivated In Your Job Search!

We don't engage in a job search very often. Thus our frame of reference can quickly get out of focus and our whole job hunting effort can easily get derailed. Here are ten powerful tips to keep in mind as you work hard at your job search.

1. Don't let the negatives overpower you. In every job search there will be frequent rejections. Phone calls will not be returned. Resumes will fall into a "black hole," with no answer in sight. You will in short order feel like a failure. You will be waiting on someone else to take action, so there is the constant feeling of a lack of control.

Don't let any of these potential negatives sap your confidence or make you fearful of taking action. Remember, for every "no," you are one step closer to the desired "yes."

2. The future is where you should spend your time. Thinking about what you want and how you are going to get there is the most productive way to spend your time. You can't change the past except to learn for it.

3. Super size your job goal. What sort of job would be ideal? Think about the details of the desired job. Replay in your mind your mental picture of the ideal job. Do it several times a day. Don't let anything get in the way of your planned job.

4. Network to your advantage. Study how to make the best use of contacts. Feed off their positive energy. Since most jobs are found through some form of networking, it makes sense to spend the majority of your job hunting time in the networking area.

5. Resume writing is an art not necessarily a science. But one thing is clear; you have to make the connection in seconds. So design and format your resume to make the desired impression in those first few seconds. Be ruthless is deciding what needs to be important.

6. Focus writing the resume on your achievements. Prospective employers need someone to help solve problems. Experience and skills are important but not as important as quantifiable achievements. Highlight your achievements that match what the employer is searching for-this will lead to the desired job.

7. Practice, practice and practice some more. The best athletics know that they will play the game like they practice. The field goal kicker, who makes the long winning field goal in the last few seconds, has practiced that kick hundreds if not thousands of times.

Practice the telephone and face-to-face interview. Use a video cam and tape recorder to your advantage. Get input on you resume and your overall job search. Look for ideas to make your job search more efficient and focused.

8. Use lists to your advantage. Write out your daily, weekly and monthly activity goals. Work hard at moving the job hunting project forward. Develop a winning job search strategy by realistically working full time daily in your job search.

9. Don't accept excuses. Don't listen to that voice in your head that is telling you you'll make that follow-up call when you are in the mood. Or perhaps you'll make the call tomorrow because no one is in the office on Friday or at noon. Or maybe you'll call a possible contact next week because today you've got to cut the grass or wash the car. Be ruthless about making the best use of your time-every day.

10. Giving up is not an option. Persistence will win the day. If you expect your ship to come in you have to put a lot of ships out on the job search ocean.

With these ten powerful strategies you can turn an unfocused job hunt into a productive project that will yield you, as quickly as possible, the ideal job.

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