How to Get an Entry Level Media Job

For many entry level media jobs you need not have a bachelor's degree, though achieving one will certainly help your future job prospects. College graduates are considered more qualified for many media sales jobs, and advancing in your career will depend greatly on completing your formal education.

Other entry level positions in the media industry will require that you have already completed your formal education. These include many of the new media and digital media jobs. The technical skills required in even the most entry level positions in these sectors are what contribute to the educational requirements for the jobs.

For college students, breaking into the media industry can be a little easier, given that many colleges and universities have internship programs for students. Getting entry level media sales jobs through your school can be much simpler than finding one on your own, and such a job will provide you with real world work experience which will be of benefit when applying for full-time, permanent positions in the field after graduation.

For those who are unable to get internships while in college, there are other kinds of jobs which can improve your ranking as a job candidate for media jobs in the future. Any sales position, whether direct retail sales or product sales, can be of benefit. You will gain transferable skills in a sales job which can be useful in your future career.

Employers also appreciate experience in related fields, like customer service, technical assistance, and other areas. These kinds of positions also give you the opportunity to develop a transferable skills set that will benefit you in media sales jobs.

Understanding the industry is also important to securing an entry level media job. Showing your expertise in different forms of media through a portfolio or CV is advisable. If you're looking to break into new media or digital media, then you should consider broadening your technical skills. Learning about the internet, website design, web marketing and other similar ventures will make you more attractive to employers.

Media sales jobs require that you understand the media in which you intend to sell products or services. Showing that you have a strong command of the technical aspects of website design, social media marketing, print publication, or any other variety of media-related concepts and methods is important to getting a job in the industry.

Last but not least, you should consider the impact of your personal character on your ability to secure an entry level position. Work on your interviewing skills, your persuasive speaking ability, and your professional appearance.

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