How Target Cover Letters Make a Difference

It is certainly easier for you to create a few generalized cover letters and use them for all of your job hunting. Unfortunately, taking the easy way out is a sure fire way to ensure that you stay unemployed. Hiring managers do not want to see generalized applications that look like they are part of a mass mailing effort. Targeted cover letters are the way to make a good impression.

Your target cover letter should contain skill statements. These statements can be full sentences or bullet point phrases or a list. Choose the skills listed in the job posting or ad. You want to cover the four or five of the most relevant and employer desired skills.

You can also include a P.S. in your cover letter that states you have another skill or attribute that could put you above the rest and get you the call. For example: P.S. You might find my certificate in structural engineering a benefit for the position.

Targeted job application materials start by focusing in on the position description and what they employer says that they really need. Unlike a vague document, a targeted cover letter addresses exactly why you are a good fit for this specific position and what exactly you offer the company. You have the chance to make a unique sales pitch to the hiring manager that will truly catch their eye.

You can make your letter more powerful by using key phrases from the employers' own job posting. These key words should be backed up by power words explaining your skills. If you struggle for words, you can visit the Resume Dictionary for examples of good, focused words for your cover letters to get your point across to employers.

By focusing in on the employer and targeting your application to them specifically, you have the chance to show a harried hiring manager an easy solution to their vacancy. They can look at your application and know in 20 seconds that you have the skills they need. Making it easy for them to judge you correctly makes it easy for them to offer you an interview.

Generalized cover letters do not make it easy for the hiring manager. Only targeted materials eliminate that extra step of wondering if you are really right for the job. They can take one look and know you will be a good fit for the position, which is why taking the time to do targeted letters can make a difference for you.

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