How social media can destroy your Job search

No matter if it’s Jobs London or jobs New York you need, more and more people are using social media platforms in today’s society o search for employment. Everyone from top CEO’s to teenagers have all embraced social media with more and more people are using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Social Media platforms are an excellent way to communicate and allow users to connect and share information about their lives with family and friends.

It is extremely easy to find people online via their social media profiles, so when a candidate applies for a job a potential employer may search for their online identity. It’s common practice how for a employer to research candidates to see how they would fit in with the rest of the team, the office politics and the company’s culture. Social media can play havoc with your professional life. With employment figures rising in the UK is it really the time to allow social media to affect you chances of landing the perfect role.

Applicants need to keep close tabs on their profiles as one of the most common areas where people go wrong is that they do not understand the degree to which social media can destroy your reputation and personal image. Many feel their social media profiles are private platforms to voice views and opinions and share news and photographs etc. But in reality everything you put on your profile is relatively public and generates an initial impression of you to a potential employer.

Posting any sort of inappropriate material is definitely a no no. Anything inappropriate will stand out to potential employers. It may seem funny to share this material with family and friends but to an employer it’s not going to be so funny. Posting nude, offensive of illegal material will just make you look unprofessional, tarnish your image and make an employer click ignore you application and click off as quickly as you can say Facebook. Employers are not going to stand for any signs of racial or discrimination comments that you may have made. So if you want to create a good image for employers try and resist putting racist or hurtful comments online and remember this is enough to cost you a job you would be otherwise perfect for. You need to rid your profiles of inappropriate statuses, comments and pictures. These “Social media stains” as they are also known as can give you a bad reputation, portray you in a negative light. For example an employer won’t be filled with confidence if he visits your Facebook page and notices that an applicant has joined the group “Legalise Cannabis Society”, they’ll simply move straight on to the next candidate.

Social media can not only affect you when you are looking for work but also when you are in employment. Sharing confidential information, making negative comments about a company or colleagues in a blog post or a social media profile has been known to have cost people their jobs. Employers may become curious when of how staff members portray and conduct themselves online. Social media can give your employer a gateway into your life and if you are not behaving to your companies regulations you may raise a few HR issues which may cost you your job.

So remember the way you engage in social media has a massive effect on how you brand yourself online and how other’s perceive you. Users often share a lot of personal information about themselves. The way you tweet, pictures you’ve been tagged in, comments you’ve made or things you like or pin all say something about you. They show the world what you are interested in, what your likes and dislikes are and what your belief’s are. Your social media profiles say a lot about you personality and gives people who don’t know you an insight into your life. People don’t understand that social media can damage reputations and personal image. So before you start the application process clean up your profiles and Google yourself to make sure there is nothing damaging your online reputation.

About the Author:

Darren is a freelance writer living in London and working with the great people at monster to promote Jobs London.