Finding a Job: Tips for Military Veterans

Once military veterans return home from serving their country, they face the challenge of transitioning back into normal lives. This includes getting a job. However, with fierce competition in the job market, veterans should do what they can to stand out. The following tips may help them in their search(es) for employment:

Create a job search plan- Think about the career field you want to work in and potential job opportunities. Research companies in this field to see if you're qualified for any open positions.

Exploit your experience- Provide information on your resume that tells employers how your military background relates to a job opportunity. Highlight the skills and experience you have to offer.

Build your network- Tech-savvy veterans can use LinkedIn (a professional networking website) to connect with other veterans. This interaction can allow vets to meet who have common interests and vocational backgrounds.

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Finding a job is part of the transition from military service to civilian life. In a competitive job market, veterans should do what is necessary to stand out in their searches.


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