Entry Level Sales Jobs - The Best Way to Make Money From a Sales Career Without Going Insane!

Are you on the hunt for entry level sales jobs?

Many people are looking to get their feet wet as sales professionals, and so they look for sales jobs where experience is not necessary.

But there's actually a better way to make money from a sales career without having to be burdened with a typical sales job.

Entry Level Sales Jobs that Can Have You Out Earning Sales Professionals

One of the problems that sales professionals have is that the money that they earn is determined by the amount of new sales that they bring. Rarely are people paid over and over again on the same customer. That's just the way it is, whether it's fair or not it's not up to me to say.

But if you're looking for an entry level sales job then you may want to be weary of where you're looking. You see if a career in sales interests you and is something that you think, or better yet know that you can do well at, then it might be in your best interest to instead become a sales person for your own business.

There are a lot of salesmen in this world that could be making tons more money if they would simply start their own business rather than make sales for someone making them rich.

And better yet, I'm about to tell you about the type of business opportunity that lets you show off you sales skills while paying you a residual income on each customer that you close. This means that you can bet paid month after month on one customer, and as you build your business and bring in new customers, you'll be able to see your income compounding month after month.

So instead of waiting for a boss to give you a raise of commission percentage with normal entry level sales jobs, you'll be able to give yourself a raise each and every month that you're in business.

By the way, as a side note I feel it's my duty to remind you that the job market right now stinks, and you could be waiting in a long line of unemployed people all trying for the same position, and many of them with much more experience than you've got. So who do you think is going to get the job?

But who can stop you from starting your own business tomorrow and selling your own products or service. Nobody!

Entry Level Sales Job VS. Your Own Home Business

So you're probably wondering what kind of business I'm talking about. Well it's actually been around for years and years. It's called network marketing and besides what I've laid out above there are tons and tons of reasons why this is the greatest business model of our century especially if you're gifted, or just interested in sales.

This is a business where you can write your own ticket, and also a business that's created more wealthy people than either the stock market or real estate.

It's a business where there is tons of leverage, and when you hook up with the right team you're actually trained until you succeed, and then some. Instead of looking to waste anymore precious time of your life searching for entry level sales jobs that pay peanuts and mostly don't exist right now, you're much better starting your own home business, and jumping into proven systems of running and growing that business around the glove.

If you're looking for entry level sales jobs, but you'd rather utilize your sales talent in other ways...

And you want mentors who have taken by the hand, and guided, literally tens of thousands of people to success with home businesses then click here!