Customer Service Skills: The Basics of Good Customer Service

What Is Good Customer Service?

Good customer service is a process that requires active, willing and competent participation of all staff. It involves listening and understanding the customers. Technical competence and interpersonal competence are two different things. The former gives you the ability to serve the client while the latter gives you the ability to make the client feel served.

The most important customer service skill is achieving the best interaction and communication skills. This includes verbal and body languages. The three most important body language reaction basics when you are serving buyers are smile, maintain eye contact and lean forward with interest.

The four major components of good costumer services are:

• Acknowledge and receive the person warmly.

• Determine their needs or expectations.

• Identify cause of action and do it.

• Provide support and follow-up.

Now that you know the major components of good service, let's find out the elements of acknowledging a customer. First of all, focus, concentrate and pay attention to the person. Secondly, greet them with a friendly, hospitable statement and anticipate their needs by active listening & questioning. It also helps to show empathy for their expectations. Once you have understood the customer's needs and expectations, you may use your knowledge of the product/service and positive body language to respond to their needs. If for one reason of or another you are unable to help them, refer them to the correct people / departments.

How can you determine a person's needs?

You can determine a person's needs by using good listening skills or by using good questioning skills.

Dealing with Upset Customers is one of the most difficult things in customer service. It's no wonder many companies fail at it. If an upset buyer walks up to you react with sympathy and empathy and then clarify with questions what exactly the problem is. Once you have understood the situation, respond promptly with the appropriate answer or action.

Why is Calming Upset Customers so Important?

• So as to solve problems together with them.

• So that they come back and hopefully tell their friends about your business!

• To communicate and interact effectively.

• To prevent more serious problems.

• To keep the customers happy.

• To build and maintain the company's good name and reputation.

• To keep them from telling others about the problem.

As a business owner, it is only natural to wonder what upset customers want from you. Basically, they want to be taken seriously and to be treated with respect. In addition to the respect, they also want to get action without delay and also get compensation or repayment. Unfortunately, there's also a certain class of customers who won't rest until the member of staff who wronged them is reprimanded. However, the most important thing is to clear up the problem so that it is not repeated and to consult the customer in decision-making.

Note that 95% of buyers who complain are more likely to come back if the complaint is well received and resolved quickly. In addition, the most important rule in customer service is "the customer is always right". Why? Because they are using their money to buy your products or services and you need them to buy your products/services tomorrow.

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