The Core of Job Interviews

Many people think that job interviews are about detailing job. This is not entirely true.Job interview are basically to evaluate candidate in terms of his abilities to perform job.This is the prime function of every interview. It is very important for the candidate to be ready about describing himself in front of the panel.

There are certain questions that can be asked during a job interview. There fore it is important for the interviewee to prepare himself for them. Following is the list of such questions but it should be kept in mind that this list is not complete, there may be more questions than just these.

Is he fit for the job?

The very first thing that any panel will ask is about the suitability of candidate. They will try to ask many things about the qualification as well experience. So, the person in front of the panel MUST be prepared about it and must revise answers for all of such questions.

Can he fit in?

This is subjective type question. The purpose of this question is to evaluate the candidate that, can he get adjusted into the company’s culture? This question can be very important because it can help the candidate to get job.

Describing personality

This question is often asked in order to evaluate the spontaneous reactions of the candidate. The question appears simple but holds many clues.

It describes certain traits; the question can show where the candidate put more emphasis on while describing himself, is he realistic in his answers or just brags more and tries to impress unnecessarily. This question also describes how spontaneous the candidate is, it shows your uniqueness something that may be specific to you and will not be in others.

Now the question is how to answer them? The best way to answer such question is to prepare them in advance and in order to do that it is best to jot them, find there answers and rehearse them at the same time care should be taken to not repeat the same as others say this will show that you are distinctive to others and may improve your suitability.

Some common answers and there suitable replies are given below, they may make the task easy and unique:

“I am a quick learner” overly used phrase, replace it by describing what and how actually have you learned anything.

“I’m hard worker”, again no real life scenario. Show, what was the event that describes that you were a hard working person.

“I’m organized” signifies nothing so don’t use it only the coming time can tell how organize are you.

How to do it?

That is simple but needs some preparatory work to be done as a home work. First of all, note down all the questions that are anticipated. After that make their answers and then revise them till you get fluent or retained them properly. One more thing worth mentioning, ask some one who is expert or has some knowledge in this field so as to get the most anticipated questions and then developing the answers accordingly.

Always remember, interview can be a very important event so be prepared for it, it’s worth its efforts.

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