Characteristics of a Good Employee

A good employee is like gold to a company. The employers always expect for employees with the following qualities and characteristics


The enthusiastic employees always have an interest in doing the job and thus the work will be complete in time and also with interest. Such employees create a positive atmosphere around them and do not say" I cannot". The positive atmosphere in their work space encourages the others also to work well.

Strong Work Ethic

Ethics is very important in terms of an employee. They must be hard working and that is what any employee will look forward to. The employee must finish his job and then move to the other one rather than being just enthusiastic and keep jumping from one work to the other without completing any of them.

Motivate and Initiate

The majority of employees just indulge in the on time work finish it and when it is time to go they leave. There is no use for the company as well as himself with such a behavior. Initiative must be taken and also motivate the others to do the works or even take the leadership and guide others. The employee himself should approach his upper level and ask for the other jobs rather than to wait and do what they just ask to do. He must also find creative solutions.


The skills, talents and the behavior of the employee must make the employer believe that the employee is reliable and can be trusted for any work. Reliability not only refers to the honesty of the person but also the ability to finish a work in time.

Great Communication Skills

Communication skill is a major factor in terms of getting employed. The employee must know how to communicate with his colleagues and also his employers or the upper level of the organization. He must have the basics to understand and interpret what his employer informs or the work that he is given.

Positive Attitude

A good employee must always have a positive attitude and should always believe in "can do" for everything. If something goes wrong he should not be broken and should come back with the same attitude he had while doing the same work first time.

Honesty and Integrity

The employee must be honest and should not cheat, steal or betray his employer or even his colleagues. If an employee gets his wages for a full day he must have given the output for the full day. The personal phone calls can be avoided during work time and also the usage of the company phones for personal use should not be there.


On time to work and finishing a work in time refers to the punctuality. The employee must inform his superior if in case it will get late and should not take advantage of it.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The employee must be easy going with the others. People are always different from each other and it is not possible for everyone to be the same thus the employee must be easily flexible with the others. They must also get adapted with the surroundings to work properly.

Interpersonal Skills

The employee must always possess good interpersonal skills. He must have a neat physical appearance like properly pressed shirts and a neatly combed hair. He must also have a proper slang of his language.

Team Work Skills

The employee must be able to adapt for the team works and work efficiently with his team. He must be able to attain the company's goal working together as a team.


The employee must never let down his workplace to others. He must not talk bad about his own workplace. The confidential matters of the company must not be discussed with unknown and unauthorized people.

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