Career Options for Registered Nurse

Being a registered nurse is considered as one of the most rewarding and satisfying career not only for its high demands and high earnings but a career with various paths and options. This is a reason why many people choose this profession.

An RN is known as the most flexible professions that you can choose. Although, after you graduated from a certain program or degree of nursing, work is limited. When you become a full pledge registered nurse and already acquired proper skills, abilities and credentials, you can surely go up high.


Hospital environment is the first place to find opportunities for RNs. After becoming one, you acquire eligibility for numerous nursing supervisor positions. As you know, these positions are intended to manage the schedules as well as the schedules of the nurses. The duty of nurse supervisor is to manage the healthcare workers and less contact with patients. However, most of the supervisory position needs additional certification, which is important.


RNs are not only employed in hospitals. Schools and universities are also the common venue for nurses. As an educator it is his/her duty to provide aspiring nurses to learn the important aspects of being a successful nurse. In order to become a nursing educator, an RN usually required studying for master's degree or PhD, which is step to enhance abilities as a teacher. School nurse is also one of the common career paths that he/she can choose.

Online Jobs

After becoming an RN, if you still have some time aside from being a nurse is by working as a writer, medical transcriptionist and other online jobs related to medical industry. These jobs basically require writers or transcriptionists with license.

If you want to take a career path as a medical practitioner, you can take RN programs which will allow you to get better job opportunity, enjoy higher salary, and better position in your working place.

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