Career Options For Art Degree Holders

Although there are many who say that getting an art degree does not pay, this is not necessarily true. There are many different majors that fall under the category of art degrees. Some may not lead to a lucrative career, such as sculpture or painting. Others, however, may provide graduates with many opportunities. A few examples of these types of art degrees are graphic design, web design, and art history.

A graphic design degree often involves learning the ins and outs of design theory. You may learn about the effect color has on people's emotions or even about how straight lines make people feel differently than rounded curves. Art degrees in graphic design also include courses that discuss the history of symbolism.

Of course, as a graphic design student, you will also learn how to use the latest design and image manipulation software. Most students spend a lot of time perfecting their skills using these types of computer programs. Don't be surprised, though, if you have to take some fundamental art classes as well! It is always good to be reminded of the basics before going on to more complex topics.

Web design is a major that is very similar to graphic design. Both are art degrees related to marketing. Web design tends to focus more on using design in the realm of the internet world, whereas graphic design is a more general course of study that may include working in print media. For those interested in building web pages, web design is definitely the way to go.

Students who are more technologically savvy may also prefer a web design degree over graphic design. This is because web design degrees are a mixture of learning the technology behind the internet, such as writing HTML, and learning the art of design. Web design art degrees are definitely for the 21st century artist.

You may be surprised that I listed art history as one of the art degrees that may offer career opportunities. The reason I do this is because art history is one of those majors that is extremely versatile. It is a very easy degree to combine with other minors, or even other majors. For instance, great subjects to pair up with art history include psychology, English, and sociology. All of these are similar in many ways.

Business can also be a good minor for the art history student. These two fields may seem opposed to one another, but this pairing actually could lead to a career as an art dealer or curator. You could also pursue a marketing career and focus on the art industry - even museums need a good marketer!

As you can see, those pursuing art degree programs are not necessarily strapping themselves to a future of poverty! As long as you keep your mind open and are creative with what majors and careers you pursue, you can still lead a comfortable life and pay your bills. Don't forget - it is just as important to get a college degree in something that you enjoy as it is to pursue a field that will bring you lots of money.

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