Boosting Your CV With Internship Experience

In order to get a job, it is important to have experience to show on your resume. In order to get experience, it is helpful to do an internship. An internship is a supervised experience where you work in a particular setting under the supervision of someone already established in the profession that you want to pursue. Getting internships and placements can be difficult. However, it is necessary to do an internship if you want to have sufficient experience on your resume to impress future employers. The following steps will be useful in helping you to find internships and placements.

Be Specific in Your Selection of Internships

There are various kinds of internships and placements. Thus, it is necessary for you to know exactly what type of work you want to do during your internship. For example, if you are majoring in human resources in college, you are likely aware that human resources persons can specialize in staffing, compensation analysis or labour relations. Thus, if you were a human resources major, you would have to choose one of those specialties within human resources and then you would plan to do an internship in that particular specialty. If you had some other major, you would likewise choose a particular specialty within that academic major and you would plan to do your internship in that specialty.

Put Together a Good Resume

The importance of putting together a good resume should not be underestimated. Of note, there are numerous websites that describe and show examples of how a resume should look. Go to one of these websites and look at an example of a resume. Type your resume accordingly. Make sure to list all of the employment, academic, sports and community volunteering experiences that you have had. Then, after typing your resume, proofread your resume very carefully to make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

Get Good References

In order for you to get an internship, you will need to have references or letters of recommendation. You could start by asking some of your professors for recommendations. If you are nervous about asking the professors in person, you could email the professors and ask. Particularly if you did well in your classes, it should not be too difficult to ask for letters of recommendation from your professors. Others that you should ask include former employers or individuals who have supervised you during community volunteer activities that you have done in the past.

Finding the Internship

To find internships and placements, start your search early and start by contacting the career services department at your college because typically they have internship listings. Also, you could talk with your professors to see if any of them are aware of available internships. Or, you could do an online search for internships at the company websites of companies that you think you would be interested in working for after graduation.

Finding an internship can be challenging. However, it should not be an unhappy experience. After all, you are seeking an opportunity to gain supervised experience that will hopefully improve your career prospects. You should see your internship search as an adventure. The steps mentioned above can help to make your internship search more manageable and help you find the internship of your dreams.

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