Basic Requirements to Get an Entry Level Job in the Healthcare Industry

No matter what the state of the economy is, jobs in the healthcare industry will always be in great demand. Although professional health careers such as surgeons, doctors, and nurses, require an extensive amount of education, there are health care jobs that require only a basic minimum requirement. There are many advertised health jobs that require a least one or two years of experience. No matter where you want to go with your health career, these entry level healthcare jobs are a good starting point.

When you apply for an entry level health position, you may be able to secure a job in the following areas: a wide range of medical assistant jobs, working in medical libraries, hospital wards, and outpatient departments. Other good entry level choices are medical transcriptions, healthcare support, and computer help desk support.

A job as a Home Health Aide is one area that has basic requirements because much of the job involves on-the-job training. Many healthcare professionals begin their careers as home health aides. Most states do not mandate that home health aides be certified. Home health aides are in great demand. There is a projected need for 519,000 home health aides by 2016.

A career as a medical secretary is a good choice especially if you have receptionist experience and training. Duties of medical secretaries include scheduling appointments, billing patients and insurance companies, updating medical records, answering phone inquiries,...etc. There is a projected demand for 133,000 medical secretaries by 2016.

Medical Billing and Coding and Medical Transcriptionist are two other careers that require computer, focus, and organizational skills. As well, Physical Therapy Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant, Massage Therapist, Occupational Therapy Assistant, and Dental Assistant, are all career areas that usually involve one to two years education and training. As well, Hospital Admissions Representatives usually require a high school diploma and some previous medical experience. Dietary and kitchen positions in healthcare typically pay $20,000 to start and offer a career path for those who want to pursue a culinary career in a hospital type setting.

When seeking out entry level positions in the healthcare industry, it is recommended that you make a list of all of the experiences and education that you have that will be an asset to a medical facility. You want the potential employer to know the reasons why you would be perfect in their company. You can also volunteer at a medical facility in the area that you are interested in. This will look great on your resume. It is important that you sell yourself on your resume.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the healthcare industry, "which employed 13.5 million in 2004, will add nearly 3.6 million new jobs between 2004 and 2014, an increase of 27 percent." Those working in the field will have the advantage of getting a promotion.

For someone interested in a career in the medical industry, an entry-level career in healthcare can provide an excellent opportunity to advance to a rewarding health career.

Whether it'd be psychiatrist jobs or internal medicine jobs, nurses play a vital role in the medical field. As nursing jobs are increasing in demand, the health care industry is offering locum tenens programs where positions are tailored to gain the interest of nurses.