Activities for Success - How to Set Goals in Your New Job

Congratulations, you got a new job! How lucky you are, have you set a goal for your new job? You should considered that, by setting your goals you will be more focused at work and one more step to be succeed in your new job. A first day in the new place is the biggest test after you pass the interview by your new boss.

Here are tips that you should do

5 seconds Enchantment

First impressions are so important then go for it. Smile and greet everyone who passed you by, it could be your openness becomes an opportunity to make further relationship.

Observe your workplace

Pay attention to detail how your workplace environment, what you need, how should you design your desk and drawers to facilitate the work and still look neat.

Do not underestimate your style

Show your personality with charming, neat and matching appearance rather than relying on branded clothing.

Pay attention about bulletin board

Read the issue in your office bulletin board. Visit the lobby of your office and read the brochures, You can buy the automotive magazine if you work in the showroom or follow the investment opportunities on the internet and newspapers if you are under financial consultant. Anything related to your job should be acquainted with you both internal products and competitors products.

Make a note

never rely on your memory; use the notes as a guide for your job. It make more structured and timely manner. Like making a cake, there is a first step and the composition of materials, equipment, means and time to be need.

Compete with work hours rather than co-workers

Make deadlines and priority of your job. Strive with quality so you do not need to fix even repeat the work that should have ended. If you often late, this will bother your concentration and readiness to begin. Never come late and not so often absent or leave early because it will delay your work. To be remembered,absence is the first thing considered.

Love your job

Try to the love your job, because it will lower your burden and can ease your stress level


Sometimes a new job has a different culture, adapt and blend in with new culture and be socially acceptable.

Do little thing first

Work on small things first before doing the main job, besides being able to increase the assessment from superiors. This shows that you seriously pursue your work and ready to accept greater job.

More important is to start doing the job right away without waiting for further orders from your supervisor. Try not to complain and make too many plans that cannot be resolved. By doing all the things mentioned above the chances of achieving success in your new job becomes easier and more reliable.

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