6 Skills For Customer Service Success

When a customer service representative can be the only personal face for an entire company, it is important to make sure that the person reflects well on the values of the employer. Most large businesses may seem like a nebulous, faceless entity, but one interaction with a customer service person can make or break a client's relationship with the business entity. This article details six skills that a customer representative should have in order to make a great impression on clients.


The virtue of patience cannot be stressed enough for a customer service rep. If you think about it, it is usually confused or upset customers that contact customer service to fix their problems. Thus, these employees must have a great deal of patience dealing with frustrated or clueless customers. Losing your patience can mean losing a valued customer.


A person who specializes in interacting with people outside of a business must be flexible. Clients may call in with a variety of questions or requests, and a rep should be able to go with the flow and handle everything that they possibly can for the client. This also reflects well on the business in that they are shown as efficient and adept.


Like patience, keeping your own emotions in check can help you successfully deal with a disgruntled customer. If a person contacts a customer service representative, yelling and screaming and complaining, a representative may feel like this is a direct attack on himself. However, it is usually just an outpouring of frustration. Yelling back at the unhappy client will get you nowhere.


Even if a person in this position is not directly involved in sales, having the power of persuasion can still come in handy. When a frustrated client contacts a rep, threatening to terminate his business with the company, a rep should be able to persuade the person otherwise.

Problem Solving

Everyone knows how it goes: you call in to a company, and after waiting on hold for hours, you get transferred from person to person as each claims that they can't help you. For customer service jobs, being able to problem solve on your own can help you keep your clients happy. Try to either directly connect a client to who they need only if you cannot solve the problem yourself.


This skill is basically the key component of a customer service representative job. Communication involves both listening to the person's problems as well as effectively advising them about solving the issue. Now, customer servicemen and women should be familiar with a variety of methods of contact, like written letters, emails, phone calls, in-person meetings, and even instant messaging.

Yes, instant messaging, also called live chat, is making its way into customer service as more and more businesses are turning to this beneficial way to help potential clients. For more information on live chat services, check out Ngage Live today.

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