4 Ways Sales Career Seekers Can Better Control The Interviewing Process

In many rights, sales interviews are very similar to other interviews in different fields, however there are also some finer points for the aspiring sales job seeker to learn or order to make difficult interviews seem easy.

In particular, here are four brief tidbits of advice for those aspiring to have a lucrative, meaningful and enjoyable sales career for the a long period of time to come:

1. Would you buy it? Prior to interviewing for sales job, always ask yourself if you would buy the product or service. In sales just as in life, you can't sell something that you don't believe in. Also, never take a sales job if you don't believe in the marketing department (if applicable) or the current marketing structure. A poorly written, poorly programmed website makes for a hard sale... especially if your competitors have new ones.

2. Don't think negatively, but you must be prepared for rejection. Understand that in sales, just like in job searching there is going to be rejection. This point is especially aimed at the younger employment seeker who is thinking about a career in sales. If you want to do sales, do it. Once you get past your first few rejections and your first few botched cold-calls, it becomes second nature. When younger, I was exceedingly sensitive and would often get down on myself when I made an ill-fated sales call. Don't let shyness or fear of rejection stop you from entering the field. It's an amazing way to begin your career.

3. Always be closing. Remember that sales employers always want somebody who has what is most commonly referred to as a "consultative selling" approach. More or less, the term refers to a sales style that aims to uncover the client's needs as opposed to the infamous sales style portrayed in the film Glengarry Glen Ross which most famously known for the mentality that, regardless of what the client wants or is best for them, close the deal. To express this unethical sales methodology in both an entertaining and theatrical manner, playwright David Mamet scripted the infamous "A.B.C." or always be closing" line.

4. The employer is your partner. Salary negotiation is the #1 most difficult aspect of the job search for many applicants in the sales and marketing arena. If you are not trained at negotiation, use what I refer to as the "work with" method. This means having the mentality that the employer is your partner, not your adversary and, together your job is to work towards a solution that will have you employed by the firm. If you think of negotiation in the terms of winners and losers, you're going to end up the latter.

In the end, follow the above tips and you should see your demand, and as an effect your compensation potential rise significantly.

Ken Sundheim is the Founder and President of KAS Placement NYC Recruiters NYC Headhunters NYC a sales and marketing staffing agency that helps both U.S. and International firms recruit all levels of sales and marketing experts throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The staffing professionals at KAS Recruitment Los Angeles Staffing Agencies have been around since 2005.

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