3 Tips for Writing a Customer Service Cover Letter

Customer service representative jobs require a person with excellent communication skills and other relevant skills. If you are looking for any such position in a leading IT company, you need to draft a perfect job winning resume. You will also need to send a cover letter along with your application. This is because, resumes are quite lengthier and employers don't have time to read them completely. It is the summary of your resume. It is generally a single page document that confirms the suitability of the candidate for the job. When applying for the customer service positions, you need to write an excellent job letter to add importance to your application. You can go through the sample cover letter for customer service positions to design one for you.

Applying for Customer Service Positions

The job letter for customer service position will list your work history, academic qualifications, specialized traits and skills. The tone of your letter is more personal compared to the resume which is formal. It should highlight your personality and writing abilities.

Here are some tips for writing the cover letter for customer service positions. These tips will help you in designing an attractive job letter and getting attention from employers.

1. Search for Online Letters

The cover letter examples will help you a lot in designing your own job letter. Going through these samples, you will get complete idea on what to include in your application letter for customer service positions and what skills should be highlighted. Remember that these samples are provided just for reference purpose and they should not be copied as it is. However, you will know the necessary skills for customer service jobs going through these samples. You can also use readymade templates for designing your application letter. You just have to follow the instructions provided in the respective columns for drafting your job letter.

2. Proper Format

Proper format is most important for any job application. The general format of any job application letter is as follows:

  • Name of the Sender
  • Address
  • Contact Details
  • Date
  • Name of the Reader
  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Greetings/ Salutations
  • Subject:
  • 1st Paragraph [Introduction of the applicant]
  • 2nd Paragraph [discuss the skills and major qualifications]
  • 3rd Paragraph [closing the letter]
  • End Salutations
  • Signature
  • Enclosures:
These are the major sections of your application letter. It is important to follow this basic format for listing your details.

3. Highlight the Skills required for Customer Service Position

Working as a customer service representative, you will have to interact with different clients. You will have to deal with the angry clients. Hence, you must possess strong communication skills to handle such clients and resolve their queries. When you are writing the cover letter for this position, you need to focus on explaining to the employer what you can offer them instead of what qualities you possess. Recruiters will provide the requirements for the particular job in the job advertisement. You can go through this job ad to know these requirements and make sure to cover them all in your job letter.

Remember that your cover letter is not just a summary of your resume, but it should say more about you and provide information that is not included in your resume. Giving proper attention to writing this job letter will get you the desired job opportunity.

For a better job, be sure your resume is the best it can be. Alan also written on Resume cover letters and resume template.

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