Travel Nurse Jobs – is it Really as Wonderful as it Sounds?

Not every nurse is suited for travel nurse jobs. For the outgoing type of nurse however, this is the ideal arrangement with most assignments lasting at least thirteen weeks with the option of renewing it at the end of an assignment. If you are the friendly type who loves the excitement of traveling, it could do you no harm to apply for the many posts that fall vacant.

Travel nurse jobs can never be boring because you never know what new adventure could come your way when you start on a new assignment. Let’s see the advantages of travel nurse jobs:

* Travel nurses can work anywhere in the country and if a particular location is not to their liking, they don’t have to worry because they will be moving on soon.

* If they like a particular place, they can ask for a renewal and stay on a longer period.

* The pay is definitely much better than that of a traditional nurse and could be at least 20% higher.

* The freedom is unbelievable. No office politics, no meetings to attend to, no supervisors to berate you. Do I have to go on?

* So flexible that you can take time off between assignments; anything from one week to a month. Imagine having a cool break and coming back refreshed to take over a new assignment? Isn’t that absolutely marvelous?

Why, anyone would think if it was so amazingly perfect, didn’t everyone rush to apply for travel nurse jobs? Like in everything else, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Not that it’s bad, certainly not. But, it’s not for everyone. So let’s check out to see what’s not so appealing about this particular nurse job.

* Travel nurses do not get all the benefits of a traditional full time nurse.

* You get your time off, true. But you might note get paid for it unless it was discussed and included in your Contract.

* The health insurance offered to a travel nurse is much more expensive than what is offered to other hospital nurses.

* It could become tedious after sometime and you might yearn for a time when you can be in one place without having to keep moving.

* Frequent changes while relished by some, might prove to be stressful for others.

* While you are free to move on once your short term contract is over, it also means no guaranteed employment once a particular assignment is completed.

* Travel nurses tend to be treated with hostility by other nurses because of their higher salaries and job flexibility.

* No advancement in career which is very detrimental in the long run.

As you may well understand from the above, travel nurse jobs can be a wonderful experience for the young nurse who loves the freedom and flexibility it offers. For those who have long term plans for their careers, it’s better to think long and hard before you apply for a post of travel nurse.

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