How to Develop Great Basic Work Ethics

I get up every morning, exercise, get dressed, get the kids around for school, kiss everyone bye, fight traffic, and finally there you go, I am at work. I am tired, not in the mood to get the day started, and really not in the mood to listen to customers complaining about why I closed their accounts. But, I am there to do the job that I was hired for. I am on time, I focus on the job, I smile, I keep a positive attitude, I work with the team, and my main tasks for the day are completed at the end of the day. This is how it should be for everyone...right? Unfortunately it isn't. Not everyone in the world have or know what good work ethics are. Over the years I have learned proper work habits and good ethics; these are what I am hoping you will get out of this article.

1. Most Important: How to Make it to Work on Time!

Ever heard of the song "Manic Monday", well, if you are one like I used to be Mondays are insane! Getting up in the morning is difficult, especially when you're so comfortable! I know, I used to be there and to be honest, I still have those days. But, here are some easy cheats to help you still make it there on time.

a. Set you alarm clock ahead by at least five minutes. Set your alarm with the ability to hit the snooze button at least twice. Then set your kitchen or living room clock - whichever one you use to know when to leave the house - 5 minutes earlier. With these techniques you will be able to wake up mildly by the time the alarm goes off the third time and still be getting up five minutes earlier, and leave the house five minutes earlier then you think you are leaving. It is a form of time confusion... if you think you are running late you will get it together faster, and still not be late.

b. Set out your clothes out for the next day. I know, it sounds very elementary, but it helps make the morning rush a bit less of a rush.

c. Set out all of the things that you need to take with you. Have your briefcase, purse, papers, etc all set so you can grab and go. If you make a lunch every morning, make it the night before.

2. How to Smile, even on the Worst of Days!

Believe me; I know just as well as anyone, how rough some days can be compared to others. But, no matter what, when you are in your work environment, professionalism is the key; and the key to turning a bad day into a decent one is to SMILE! Here are a few tips:

a. Start out the day by looking in the mirror and smiling. Most often it will help lighten the day from the beginning.

b. Smile at everyone that you cross paths with, even if it isn't felt all the way through you, the honest effort counts. Remember, a smile is contagious and will help others have a better day too!

c. Give yourself a pep talk. Remind yourself that it could always be worse, it will all be over in 8 hours, and about all the great things that you have in your life.. Even if there doesn't seem to be any you can think of something to optimize on. Then put a smile on your face for what you have and love... forget about those things that you don't.

3. How to Have the Right Attitude in the Work Place.

A positive and productive attitude is difficult to keep handle of amongst all of the office drama going on, but it can be done. Here's how:

a. Leave the personal life at the door. No matter what you must learn to separate home/personal life from work life. The dynamics of the two do not mesh well and only seem to cause more grief, for you and your coworkers, and then it is worth.

b. When arrive at work, settle into your work place and get ready to start the day. You will be on time, not rushed, and smiling; now it is time to focus. Once settled into your work station, make yourself a list of what is priority to get done that day. With this organization technique you will feel less pressure to get everything done all at once; enabling your ability to focus.

c. Focusing is the key, along with a "Can Do Attitude". Believe in yourself and your abilities, you are great at what you do.

d. Finally, stay out of the drama! Drama in the work place is the number one killer of a positive and productive attitude. Work place drama has a poor impact on you, your co-workers, and your boss... so stay positive and stay away from the "Guess What's"!

Well, there you have it. A few hints on helping yourself and your co-workers to have a great day at work with healthy and positive work ethics. Oh, I almost forgot something very important, be sure to follow the policies and procedures of the work place too... they are there for you, as well as others to maintain that healthy work environment.

Good work ethics are what you make of them, so make them great!

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