10 Ways to Ensure a Teen's Successful Job Search

A few years ago America experienced nearly full employment; my how things have changed. Each new day seems to bring news of more job layoffs. Teens now compete with adults who have lost their jobs for entry level positions that were once filled only by teenagers. Don't be discouraged, you still have an excellent chance at being the one chosen for the position. Keeping these basic guidelines in mind while you are seeking employment will ensure a successful job hunt.

1. Make a resume and attach it to each job application you submit. Have a parent or teacher proof read your resume, offering any suggestions for improvement they may have. Be sure to use spell check and grammar check too.

2. Be polite and courteous when asking for an employment application as well as when you have a job interview. Dress conservatively and be well groomed. Young men should wear shirts with a collar and nice slacks. Young women should dress modestly and go easy on the makeup. Cover up tattoos and remove excessive body piercings.

3. Avoid perfumes and cologne since fragrance is very subjective. Also, many people are allergic to perfume.

4. Be enthusiastic and make eye contact during the job interview.

5. Have fresh breath and don't chew gum.

6. Maintain good posture; don't slouch. Poor posture gives the impression of a lazy or bored person. Good posture tells the interviewer that you are self disciplined. Try not to fidget.

7. Plan on arriving 15 minutes early for the interview. Unforeseeable incidents may increase travel time, so be prepared. It is better that you wait than to make the interviewer wait for you.

8. Be prepared to talk positively about yourself and why you would be an asset to the company. Speak with confidence without sounding too arrogant.

9. Use proper grammar and avoid slang.

10. Having a parent or friend ask you questions in a mock job interview will help you feel more comfortable when it comes to the real thing.

Many of these suggestions sound so obvious that I feel silly even mentioning them. However, you would be surprised how many adults are unaware of this seemingly basic information. Times are tough with many job applicants trying for the same few available positions. Stay positive and don't get discouraged if you are not selected for the first few positions that you apply for. Be persistent and ultimately you will be successful. Happy job hunting!

When principal, Branden Carmondie, looks back at his days as a high school guidance counselor, he does so with fond memories. Helping students with life skills curriculum was always very rewarding. Seeing the realization in their eyes of what their futures could be made all the hours spent doing student resume for high school students well worth it.