Tips to Become the Best Employee at Any Job

Tip #1 - Emulate Your Superiors

Your superiors have been promoted for important reasons. If you want to be promoted, too, don't be cynical about the reasons for their promotion, but instead try to emulate their behavior.

Tip #2 - Always be Available

If you don't own one already, get a smart phone that allows you to easily check and write emails. This will make it possible for you to always be on call for your boss, so you can become someone that he or she relies on.

Tip #3 - Keep Your Boss in the Know

If there is something important that your boss needs to know, be the first to let her know about it. You will become someone that she can rely on for information, which will make you indispensable to the company.

Tip #4 - Apply for Within Company Jobs

Don't just passively wait for a promotion. Instead, do what the successful do and apply for within company jobs. Be aggressive about getting that promotion.

Tip #5 - Learn New Things

One way to make you indispensable to your company is to learn new things about your job. Work through a reference manual. Spend time learning how to use the company's proprietary software optimally. Do something that makes you better and more useful.

Self-Promotion Tips to Find a Better Job

Tip #1 - Look for a Job Elsewhere

Find jobs outside of your company that look promising. At a minimum, you might be able to get a better job elsewhere. At most, you might be able to leverage that offer into a promotion within the company.

Tip #2 - Practice Self-Promotion

As painful as it might be at first, get in the habit of self-promoting (but in ways that don't make you look desperate or stupid). Get others to notice you and to appreciate what you do within the company.

Tip #3 - Always Maintain a Positive Outlook on Life

No matter what line of work you're in, you're likely to run into a few bumps on the road. When you do, try to maintain a positive outlook on life. Often, this simple difference in mindset will determine the success or failure of a venture.

Tip #4 - Make Yourself Known at Conferences

In addition to making yourself known within the company, make yourself known outside of the company. Go to the relevant conferences for workers in your industry; and try to make a reasonable showing, so that people remember your name.

Tip #5 - Think Like a Leader

Instead of thinking like a worker who will never be promoted, think like a leader. Reflect this in your decisions and in your aura of confidence. Demonstrate to others that you can think on your feet and make important decisions; and you will be rewarded with promotions.

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