New Careers For The Over 50's - How Can I Nail A Job When I Am Over 50?

New careers for the over 50's - As we step into a New Year, you may be looking to set your sail in a new direction. Whether as a result of redundancy, boredom or job-trimming, finding something new can be both exhilarating and exasperating. The situation is not helped by changes in retirement entitlements either. So, if you are over 50 and need a little help, here's some thoughts on how to nail a job when you are over 50.

Although some employment sectors realize the value of employing an older workforce, there are still a number that continue to uphold the under 45's only ceiling. Unfortunately, the recession has added to the age bias, as employers enjoy a bigger pool of candidates to choose from. Although you can't always change age discrimination, here are a few pointers to help you nail a job when you are over 50:

1) Make sure you are fit enough to fulfill the position you are applying for. Research shows that employers are reluctant to hire older workers because of the health issues accompanying an aging workforce. Make sensible decisions and keep yourself fit and active. Do yourself a favour and only go for jobs within your health remit.

2) Colour your hair! Unfortunately, grey hair gives the appearance of old age (even if you are a youthful 30 something!), so go for a good colour or highlights. The good news is that you don't have to put your age on CVs these days, so keep them guessing and play them at their own game! You need all the weapons you can use in your arsenal - keeping a youthful outlook in your wardrobe and hairstyle is a must.

3) Steer the focus towards experience and achievements, rather than age. Whether you are filling in a CV or preparing for an interview, reeling off a long list of jobs is a dead give-away. Highlight the benefits of employing you for your experience in terms of leadership skills, increased revenue for the company that only your knowledge can bring, and brag on your technical know-how and other skills that you have.

4) Keep abreast of social media and new technology. Stay tuned in. It is mega-important to know and understand new practices that are changing the way people work. This is a new season, and technology is both fascinating and alarming! A recent study showed that a large percentage of the older population in the USA still do not even have a mobile telephone or understand how they work. Keeping yourself well-informed is another major weapon in your arsenal.

Now that you have read these ideas towards getting a new career for the over 50's what will you do next? Hopefully you will nail a job sooner rather than later, but the last thing I would add is to increase your online skill base. Find yourself a good mentor that will show and teach you how to utilize the internet for profit. I hope my review on new careers for the over 50s and how to nail a job when you are over 50 is helpful.

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