Four Steps to Move Forward Confidently After a Job Loss

You never thought it could happen, but suddenly, your company have decided that they cannot keep you any longer, due to various reasons like the company is not making profit or economic downturn and etc. You are one of those who would be laid off.

Your first reaction would be: What will happen to your family? What will happen to your future? How are you going to manage your financial obligations (if there is any)? Maybe you are devastated and traumatized. Whatever your reaction, it's perfectly natural to be unsettled, insecure and be at a loss.

Take control of the situation and manage crisis effectively. Turn your destructive fear into constructive action. Here are four steps you need to lift yourself and turn the loss of your job into crafting your niche that even your former employer will envy.

1) Turn Rejection into Motivation

Did your former employer appreciate your talents, skills and commitments? Probably not. You may be overlooked for a well- earned promotion to a less dedicated, less qualified and less experience co-worker.

Take heart, do not be discouraged. It is not that you are not good, you have your unique strengths and capabilities, it is just that sometimes you may not be valued for all the contributions and personal sacrifices that you have made.

Take account of your skills, accomplishments, achievements and know the value that you can bring to the organisation, see yourself in a new position with many learning opportunities waiting for you. Be humble, but think like a winner. Don't throw yourself in frustration or self pity. Take control of your own life and show them what you are made of.

2) Embrace Change

How successful a person can be will be determine on how adaptable they are in embracing change. Start by identifying your niche. Explore the uncharted territories and opportunities available. Set goals and plan your route in advance. After you have set your goals, execute your plan consistently. Think not about all you have lost, focus instead on the possibilities ahead.

3) Take control of your destiny

Your future and your destiny is in your hand. It is not the responsibility of your employer's, your spouse's or the government's.Success is the ability to design the life you want to live.

If your employer does not give you an opportunity to develop and grow in the organisation, it does not mean that you should accept and live up to their plan. Live your life not by default, but by your own design. Take charge of your life!

Recognise that the choices you make today will impact your future. A positive action today, even a tiny step, could lead you to a very positive tomorrow.

4) Develop a strategy confidently

Have the courage to clearly define your life in your own terms, have a clear purpose, setting realistic goals and choose a vocation that align with your passion, life purpose, core competence and values. Having the right mind set and making the right decision leads you to experience a lifetime of joy and growth doing the things you enjoy. Well defined strategies and crystal clear goal can help you soar to greater heights and be more successful than you used to be!

Conquer Your Fear, Take Charge and Move Forward Confidently!

Regina Cho is passionate in helping people and believes in making a positive difference for the community. As a career consultant and coach she works with individuals with diverse employment backgrounds (those who are employed as well as unemployed). She helps people with job searches, provide career guidance and assist them with their resumes. You can sign up for Career Guidance tips Free videos at

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