Sales Tips for Travel Agent Jobs

There are many different skills which will be helpful in your pursuit of travel agent jobs, but one area that often goes overlooked in a prospective travel agent's repertoire is that of sales skills. Successful candidates for a travel job will possess an excellent memory for facts and figures, along with a confident and approachable manner. Being friendly and personable is only the first step, though - a prospective agent must have strong sales skills in order to function effectively as part of a team; both in obtaining the best deals for clients, and to ensure that clients ultimately end up booking! In the beginning, sales skills may seem complex, but there are a few easy methods and acronyms that can help anyone develop their selling ability to an expert level.


One method that is commonly used when selling a holiday package is the 'F.A.B.' method, which stands for Features, Attractions, and Benefits. In travel agent jobs, an agent will often be selling destinations and experiences rather than any physical product, which makes this approach perfectly tailored to delivering information concerning a location. Explaining the 'features' first might include a little about the country or specific region; 'attractions' can follow, describing the activities or experiences on offer, leading a salesperson into describing the 'benefits' of the entire package to their clients.


One method of sales which many travel agent jobs will make use of, and that features more interaction with the client, is the 'S.E.L.L.' method. The steps of the acronym involve 'showing features', which involves explaining the individual features of a holiday package or itinerary; 'explaining the advantages' of the individual features that seem to catch the client's attention; followed by 'leading into benefits', involving describing the benefits of the advantages. This may be a feature of the holiday itself, or even a benefit of booking it with your agency in particular. The final step is to 'let them talk'. This step allows the client to discuss the benefits, with the result that if the previous steps have been done well, the client will often talk themselves into the sale.


There can be objections when it comes to selling products, but the 'L.A.I.R.' method is a quick process for helping sales people overcome these objections and problems, and can be especially valuable in travel agent jobs. The acronym stands for Listen, Acknowledge, Identify the objection, and then Reverse the objection. Using this method can often negate any problems that arise during the other two processes.

Selling skills are intrinsically important to secure travel agent jobs, but with a few different strategies, inexperience doesn't have to be a barrier to a candidate's success.

Barbara Kolosinska (MREC CertRP) is a Sales Director for C&M, a leading travel recruitment agency who specialise in finding their clients the perfect travel agent jobs across all sectors of the travel industry. C&M have access to the largest choice of travel agent jobs across the UK's top travel employers.