Improving Productivity: 7 Tips on Managing Yourself During the Information Age

How productive are you? Do you know what you have accomplished each and every day? Do you spend most of your days in alignment with your goals? Do you even have goals? These are some major questions to ask yourself because they are critical to your success. Being organized and knowing where you're going in great detail is what separate's you from the pack.

Your quality of life is determined by how productive you are throughout each day of your life. The only way to be more productive is to learn more skills and increase your value to society. As you increase your knowledge and skills; you now gain leverage and people start coming to you for help.

The problem we face today is that there is so much information being thrown at us that we get overwhelmed, we start multitasking, shifting from one activity to the next without accomplishing anything, distractions will crop up and split our focus and we will forget what we were doing, and this will waste our time while we try to pick up where we left off. I'm pretty sure we have all faced these challenges. That is why I would like to share some tips that I have learned from people who have spent many hours and money on mastering the topic of Productivity.

I challenge you to try these effective strategies and watch your productivity double!

7 Strategies that will Improve Your Productivity in the Information Age!

1.) Plan your days. You should know what activities you will be doing before the day even gets started. This will eliminate the random drifting and the lack of control throughout your days.

a. Make a Weekly Schedule
b. Your activities should have a start and end time
c. Make a List from most important to least important Priorities.
d. Become aware of your energy levels. Know when you are at your best and do your top priorities during those times.

2.) Take control of your Physical and Mental Energy. The only way you can reach high productivity is to have a high level of energy.

a. Put your health before everything
b. Workout. Cardio and Weights
c. Drink lots of Water. The body is made up of 90% water
d. Eat Healthy. Don't forget to add fruits and Vegetables to your meals
e. Become aware of your breathing habits and start taking deeper breaths from the stomach and not short breaths from the chest.
f. Take note of what you consistently focus on.
g. Learn to focus on one thing at a time.
h. Make sure you give your body breaks and times to disconnect from everything.

3.) Create a Compelling Future that will inspire you and keep you moving forward. Plan your days around making this future a reality.

a. Know what you want and don't put limits on your imagination
b. Have Short-Term and Long-Term goals
c. Enjoy the process of reaching your goal.
d. Become aware of what's bringing you closer and what's taking you off track

4.) Learn to Embrace overwhelm

a. It means to learn new skills and increase your value towards society which equals a growing bank account.
b. It's the opposite of underwhelmed which means underpaid
c. Manage your information. Treat your information like you would an appointment. Have certain times and days that you direct all your focus towards learning new information

5.) Manage Your Distractions.

a. Become aware of the things that knock you off track. Ex. Facebook, twitter, emails, texting ect.
b. People are known to be the biggest distractions
c. Eliminate all distractions that have no purpose in your life
d. Set up times where you deal with your distractions

6.) Understand the Importance of your Environment

a. Your Environment Literally sets the stage for your productivity
b. Find areas that are distraction free
c. Find an area that inspires you and makes you feel good
d. Don't work in the same spot all day. It dilutes your activities

7.) Place a Dollar Value on Time

a. Use your yearly income or the income you would like to make
b. Take the number of Days you work throughout the year.
c. Legitimate studies say that 3 hours out of 8hr work days are actual revenue producing activities. So Multiply 3 by the number of days you work in a year and divide it by your yearly income.
d. This will make you more conscious of how you spend your hours
e. Very powerful strategy for an Entrepreneur

I have started using these strategies and it has made a huge difference in all areas of my life. Time is the most valuable asset and to understand how to leverage this asset, and get the most out of it, will make the big difference and could be the most important factor towards how much success you have throughout your life.

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