Employee Rights in the Workplace

Employee Rights and Duties go hand in hand. If employees have to discharge their duties and responsibilities effectively, they must also be given their due rights. The rights of the employees give them a sense of confidence and a feeling of belonging to the workplace. It is a way in which the employer can provide security to the employees in return for their commitment at the workplace. The employee rights guarantees them from discrimination or other unethical and illegal practices at the workplace.

These rights should be part of the agreement and the employees should be given freedom to express their dissatisfaction, if their rights are violated. The employers or management of the Company or the Organization should take instances of employee rights violation seriously and address them at the earliest.

There are some basic employee rights that the employer must guarantee at the workplace, as per the Federal law. Some of them are summarized below.

Right against discrimination:

The Organization cannot discriminate between employees on basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, color, disability etc. If this right is violated, the employer or Company can face severe legal implications as they can be sued by the affected employee(s).

Right to Employee Privacy:

The laws prohibit an employer from monitoring certain equipments belongings to the employees, without their prior knowledge or permission, including computer files, email. It is also illegal to track the locations, movements, tap the telephone of the employees without their knowledge.

Right to Refuse to Submit to a Drug Test:

Though, the employer has the right to conduct drug test to achieve a drug free workplace as per the provisions of Drug-Free Workplace Act, 1988, the employee has a right to refuse to undergo a drug test.

Rights against workplace retaliation:

The laws, especially the Employment and labor laws, guard the employee from retaliation by the employers, in event of the employees exercising their rights at workplace.

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