7 Tips to Make Sure You Get a Job Promotion

So you've been at a company for what seems like forever but you haven't received a job promotion? Here are seven tips to make sure that you don't get passed over for that next job promotion.

1. Show up to work on time:

If the company policy says that work starts at 9AM sharp, then don't come strolling in at 9:15AM or even 9:30AM. Better yet, show up earlier at say around 8:45AM. Why? Showing up late to work tells upper management that you just don't care, you're irresponsible. Those are not characteristics of someone who deserves a job promotion.

2. Dress the part:

If the company policy is business casual, don't show up to work dressed in a U2 Concert t-shirt with jeans. That's just so unprofessional. Even if it is a casual Friday, don't be overly casual. Jeans and a polo shirt will do. Just think, would your manager want a sloppy guy representing the company? Probably not. So, dress the part and you'll be one step closer to landing that promotion you've been dreaming of.

3. Go Above and Beyond:

If there is an extra project that no one is willing to tackle, then be the first to volunteer. Show upper management that you are willing to go above and beyond for the company. The next time your boss will look to promote someone, you'll be first on his list!

4. Don't call out sick:

Do you have a co-worker that calls out sick all the time when you know he/she isn't sick? Well, don't follow suit. Don't take time off when you don't need to. It shows your boss that you're reliable, a characteristic upper management looks for when promoting the next star employee.

5. Continue Your Education:

You graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in mathematics. That's impressive! However, that might not be impressive enough to upper management. Why not pursue an MBA? Maybe your company will even reimburse you if you do decide to pursue an advanced degree!

6. Network:

How can the VP of Sales promote you if he doesn't even know who you are? Attend company parties and gatherings so that you can network with upper management. A word of advice, stay away from excessive alcohol at these events. Remember, you want to put your best foot forward and that would be difficult if you're slurring words!

7. Be A Team Player:

If Sally isn't a pro with Excel but you happen to be a guru, then why not lend a helping hand? It's important to be a team player because other co-workers can also provide recommendations for you.

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