3 Ways to Maintain a Strong Resume during Your Unemployment

With unemployment rates soaring and many employers being forced to downsize, the job market is flooded with able and willing applicants. But, with so many applicants in the pool, actually landing the position you want can be a challenge. Now more than ever, it is imperative that job applicants have that little something special to catch their potential employers' eye. Times of unemployment are a difficult for any individual. We build our lives around our careers. Not only does being unemployed put strain on our financial situation, but it also causes our sense of personal identity to suffer. These three activities are various ways that you can gain confidence, identity, and credentials during your period of unemployment.

Volunteer Somewhere

Volunteering is a great pastime during times of unemployment. Pick a volunteering area that is particularly dear to your heart or one that speaks to your desired career and lend your time. You can add this volunteering to your resume, if the area pertains to the position available. This is a great way to demonstrate to your potential employer that you are passionate about working and interested in staying active and relevant. If the volunteering opportunity you find does not relate to the area of work you are applying for, do not put it on your resume. However, during interviews you discuss your volunteering to explain how you have spent your downtime.

Take Up a Career-Oriented Hobby

Hobbies are an essential aspect of our lives whether we are employed or not. It is vital that you find something you are passionate about that can help you relax and enjoy yourself. Finding a hobby like this is a great thing to do during your unemployment. When employers ask you about what you have been doing since you have been unemployed, you can discuss the hobby you have chosen and demonstrate your dedication and passion for endeavors you take on. If it suits you, choose a hobby that is in some way related to the positions you are applying for. This can be a wonderful asset to your resume and is a great way to stay active and in touch with your professional life.

Take Classes on the Side

While this can be slightly more difficult for individuals who are unemployed and have encountered financial burden, taking classes during unemployment is a great way to boost your resume to the top of a potential employer's radar. Look into taking courses at your local community college, online, or at a local community group. Choosing courses or activities that relate to your field of desired work are obviously a good choice; however, you can take any type of class that interests you and still boost your resume. Of course, classes cost money, so this may not be an option for everyone. Education and experience are the two factors that employer's regard most highly. Adding educational experience to any aspect of your resume is a great way to catch an employer's attention.

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