Your Teaching Portfolio is the Key to a Successful Job Search

Teachers seeking jobs in the market today need to use every tool at their disposal to secure a teaching job. One of the most valuable tools that a teaching candidate can possess is a strong teaching portfolio. A solid teaching portfolio contains a variety of different pieces of evidence which demonstrate your ability as a teacher and passion for education. Your portfolio should allow prospective employers to envision how effective you will be as a teacher instructing within their classroom.

Teaching Resume and Cover Letter

Be sure to include an up-to-date teacher resume and letter of intent in your teaching portfolio. While your interviewer may already have a copy, he or she may want to glance over it during the interview. It is a sign of strong preparation to have extra copies that you can easily provide each of the panel members with during the interview should they need one.

Philosophy of Teaching

Most education training programs require their licensed candidates to compose a Philosophy of Teaching. This is simply a narrative essay containing several paragraphs which outline the principles that you consider to be important in educating students. This well thought out paper will communicate your thoughts and beliefs as a teacher. It is useful to have a copy of your Philosophy of Teaching in your teaching portfolio so potential employers can read it and gain insight on your personal approach to the teaching profession.

Licenses and Certifications

Place your most current licenses and certifications in your portfolio. By doing this, you will ensure you have these important documents on hand should the interviewer want a copy. Many times, these are submitted with the initial application. It also gives the prospective employer the opportunity to review the specifics of your credentials so they can determine whether or not you would be qualified for the open position.

Test Scores

Include all passing test scores, regardless of the quality, in your portfolio. If you do not include certain test scores, it may appear you have something to hide. Even if your results on the test were not great, as long as you passed, you should include the documentation.

Job Recommendations or References

It is advisable to solicit recommendation letters from college instructors and other educators or administrators you have worked with in the past. Quite frequently, schools will not hire you without recommendations, so save yourself time and have them prepared in advance, allowing you to provide them upon request.

Teacher or Student Teacher Job Evaluations

Make sure to include some samples of past evaluations you have received either during student teaching or in other teaching jobs. Do not include negative evaluations since prospective employers do not know how many times you have been evaluated. Just ensure that you include a collection of them.

Sample Lessons

One of the most important elements in any quality teaching portfolio is an assortment of sample, quality lessons. Including student-focused, standards based lessons in your portfolio will impress interviewers and allow them to see you will be an organized and effective teacher.

While it is important to have a quality teaching portfolio assembled, there are some interviewers who will not be interested in pursuing the contents. That is okay. Do not impose the portfolio on those who prefer not to review it, just be sure you have it for those who do. A quality teaching portfolio can be very helpful in assisting you in obtaining the job of your dreams. Take time to assemble one now so that you have it ready when opportunity knocks.

Candace Davies is a Certified Resume Writer and Interview Coach Strategist who is dedicated to assisting teachers, administrators, and other professionals within the education sector. She has been the owner of A+ Resumes for Teachers for over 8 years. Candace is always looking for new and innovative resources to make your career documents standout for all the right reasons. As a result, she has helped countless teaching professionals land their dream teaching jobs. Visit her website at Also, you won't want to miss her e-book: 101 Teacher Interview Questions and Answers:

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